Studio One 6 - Plugin missing.

My first post, I will try to get more details of my gear up when time allows, life is hectic at the moment.

I purchased Midi Guitar 2 back in May and have been very pleased with the results, especially as I can now use any guitar that I wish to use to trigger midi.

I own a Fender Stratocaster with the Fishman TriplePlay pickup and have used it for a long time so I have something to compare it with, I also have an old Casio 510 Midi guitar from a very long time ago.

The problem, this week Presonus Studio One has been updated from 5 to 6 and I have been busy moving my gig set-lists to the new format to take advantage of the new features.

In my haste I had not realised that Studio One 6 no longer recognises the old VST format as I assume that it is 32 bit and unfortunately now it does not show up in the plugins manager and the alert box states that is is missing, still there in v5.

Is there going to be an upgrade for Midi Guitar 2 from VST to VST3 as I need to to plan my next move.

Any positive advice is welcome at this stage.



Good news I have retrieved the old files thanks to Time Machine and as an interim solution will work in SO v5 for midi guitar work then export the rendered wav files/stems to v6, I also forgot to mention OS’s and hardware, also a bit of background, I like my stories.

I must mention that I had a problem with a few other plugins, Manda Audio have released a new version of the MT Power Drum Kit so that one is solved on the M1 if someone else has the same problem.

Up until August 2014 when I purchased the above mentioned Fishman/Fender Stratocaster I was using Linux as my preferred OS + Ardour, I was distro hopping to find the best combination for my systems and had also paid for my Casio 510 guitar to be fixed, it had the infamous capacitor problems.

The Fishman/Fender Stratocaster came bundled with Studio One and Fishman Triple Play Wireless, I did not use a laptop at the time and as it required Mac or Windows I purchased a Toshiba Satellite + Windows 8 for the job and my love affair with midi guitar went to another level.

I am actually a drummer from London in the 1960/70’s and was playing in the UK up until 2016 with an old Hayman kit (ex Love Affair, not me the kit) + Paiste cymbals that I still use for acoustic work, those were the days, what a melting pot that was. I also had a background in the early days of home computers and ran a business from home, when the BBC micro came out with add-ons like the Music 500 I was a young boy and just could not resist (Led Zeppelin quote) and somewhere down the line doing development work with the Atari ST and Commodore Amigas I added and still have the Casio 101, great FM sounds, a few Roland modules as well.

Fast forward to more recent times and having retired to Brittany, France, as a begruging Windows 10 user I just had to investigate the Mac Mini M1 and opted for 16Gb of memory + 1 Tb SSD, there was a sale on, I will never go back to Windows and will run Linux on my old towers for other work.

Being single again (No Woman No Cry!) I can now pursue my two passions of computers and music without restraint, play on Jimmy (another lyrics quote), I have also started playing bars again, other players come and go, or die so my solution is to use my own backing tracks for solo work as I can then go from acoustic to having basic accompaniment as needs be to allow me to solo on guitar/slide and harmonica, blues man at heart, when this current problem is fixed I can then add brass, flute, etc. Once familiar with all this new equipment a breathe controller will be a must have, that is the plan in theory

Just took the plunge last week and got the Helix Rack and Helix Native in the DAW, my old Variax 500 guitar works well with it, great for alternative tuning, another recent secondhand purchase and introduction to Line 6 products. Combined with the old Behringer Audio interface it all works well as a single interface on the Mac, Windows 10/ASIO4All is a nightmare for me and as only one interface works at a time I have two working solutions for gigs using the proprietary ASIO’s with the Toshiba/Win10.

For now I am currently doing the production on the Mac then rendering tracks down to lighten the load on the Toshiba for gigs.

Feel like I am 20 years old again and ready to take over the world or at least my local village!

Studio One 6 - Plugin missing. - Solved

How do you edit the Heading to indicate this?

Looks like the fault find training in my apprenticeship has paid off combined with a bit of the Twilight Zone coincidence.

Problem solved, Studio One 6 now working with MIDI Guitar 2 on Mac M1.

After writing the ‘How to get MG2 working on Studio One 5 on the Mac M1’ for Mike I was too exhausted to tackle Studio One 6 so I decided to sleep on it.

I woke up at 6 am and decided to go for it and opened up Studio One 6 on the Mac M1, on the News Feed there was an article dated the 14/10/2022 - ‘MIDI Guitar: the V6 Remix’, would you believe it, so I clicked and read it. I will try Windows 10 out later so if anyone is having trouble with that I will give my findings on request.

Presonus Blog Article: MIDI Guitar: the V6 Remix - PreSonus BlogPreSonus Blog

Unfortunately they left out some vital information as Studio One 6 handles how to assign midi input very differently from Studio One 5 and combined with the fact that the VST is no longer register it could be a bit confusing.

This is how I solved it:

  1. I decided to re-install MG2 to be certain everything was up to date and went to jamorigin - /download/ (Too many links)
  2. Download - MACOS 10.15 AND NEWER. This appears to be the same file that I downloaded back in May 2022.
  3. In Downloads on your Mac M1 click the dmg file you just downloaded.
  4. Drag the MIDI Guitar across to the Applications folder icon, this can then be found in Applications.
  5. Click the ‘How to install the plugins (please read).html file.
  6. This takes you to jamorigin docs/daw/ in your browser. (Too many links)
  7. In the Mac users section it does not mention my line 4 above about installing the app and assumes you know that this is your first step.
  8. I followed the instructions:
  9. Copy MIDIGuitar2 .vst file to your VST plugins folder /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/
  10. Copy MIDIGuitar2 .component file to your AudioUnit plugins folder: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/

Prior to this I had not copied the MIDIGuitar2.component, in Studio One you will find this in the browser in Effects - Type - AudioUnit, the VST is not listed in Studio One 6, my original problem.

Now open up Studio One 6 and follow these instructions first as the Presonus Blog article does miss a vital stage out that has changed in v6.

  1. On the Home Page click New and choose Record and Mix for a new blank song.
  2. As per the article: Add a mono audio track for your guitar, and assign its input to your guitar’s audio interface input. Set the track’s input Monitor to on.
  3. Check you have input before the next step, may save time later and confirms that you do have input, the meter will also confirm this, but once you add the MG2 plugin it goes silent unless you use MG2 as the instrument and we are not doing that, a different tutorial.
  4. Insert the Jam Origin MIDI Guitar 2 plug-in into the guitar track.
  5. You will find this in the browser under Effects - Vendor - Jam Origin.
  6. Also under Type - AudioUnits.
  7. Just drag the icon across onto the left hand box on the guitar track you just created.
  8. Silence! The audio is not passing through now, but don’t worry we want the Instrument sound.
  9. Create an instrument track with your instrument of choice. Mai Tai is my go-to for MIDI guitar, but any VST3 or VST2 instrument I’ve used so far works.
  10. For me Presence or Ample Bass and for Mike Mojito.
  11. Vital - Do this by going to Instruments in the browser and drag the icon of your choice into the Track window, not the Mixer window as this does something different and will be investigated later.
  12. This is where it gets tricky as the article says : Assign the instrument track input to MIDIGuitar2-64bit (fig. 1).
  13. It leaves vital info out so follow what I did and hopefully it will work for you.
  14. Things have changed in Studio One 6 and if you have followed me exactly you will see your guitar track and instrument in the Track Window in Normal View, I recommend that you also open the Mixer Window .
  15. In Studio One 5 I would normally click the ‘i’ above the tracks on the left to open Information and use this to assign the input, this is now missing in Studio One 6 so what do we do next!
  16. Change the Track view from Normal to Large and you will see the all the options, it will show All Inputs the second one down, we need MG2 as input,. The problem is this does not work for me so I had to try something else.
  17. Open up Preferences, I click I/O top left of the Mixer Panel and you get Song Setup, click Preferences bottom left and then External Devices.
  18. Now we need to add MG2 as an External Device so click Add.
  19. A new window will open up to add a New Keyboard.
  20. I entered ‘Jam Origin’ as the Manufacturer and ’MIDI Guitar 2 Ext Inst’ in Device Name.
  21. In the Receive From further down choose ‘MIDI Guitar # ‘x’ out’, I was showing #2 as I have already done this once.
  22. Go back to the inputs on the Instrument Track and try again, you will now see ‘MIDI Guitar 2 Ext Inst’ as an input option.
  23. Choose this and it all worked for me.
  24. Make sure that the Loudspeaker icons are activated to hear everything.

As mentioned earlier this is just the start as you can have several Instrument Tracks and do A/B comparison quickly or combine them for layered sounds.

I recommend Ample Bass, they do a free version to try it out and the Sax, Flute, Bass in Presence work well.

Other options are available!


The problem is with the Midi Guitar 2 VST2 plugin. It ONLY shows up when I boot Studio One 6 in Rosetta mode. When I boot it up normally the VST is not there. And their AU version is useless on the M1 since it doesnt transmit midi data. So “bye bye” Midi Guitar 2. Such a shame.

Hi Lasvideo,

You have not said whether you actually got it to work and OS, etc.

Time flies when you are enjoying yourself and the above exercise has blurred into obscurity so I have just checked out a few details.

My Mac M1 is currently running Ventura 13.0.1 and S1 v6.0.1.90430 macOS x64 (Built on Nov 8 2022).

Yes you do have to run S1 in Rosetta, frustrating, however I have not noticed any difference in performance for my projects, usually only about six tracks for live work.

The only problem was me accepting it as it felt like I had just bought 3.5 litre car and was being forced to run it in economy mode at 350cc. :upside_down_face:

I will try the AU version later to check out the no midi problem as time is against me this morning.