Stuttering repeated notes autoplay [ SOLVED]

Hi 2 All, just bought Midi guitar 2 and it seemes to work fine as a vst.
But when i start to revord the midi notes they are all stuttered and mulrplied and repeated. same with my hardware synths, the play long after i stopped playing the guitar, they play weird stuff.
Setup: Cakewalk Sonar, Focusrite 2x4 some hardware synths.
Any help in finetunig is appreciated greetings rexindigo

no idea: but please check first whether this is a CPU overload thing.
The audiobuffersize in Sonar preferences should be set at 256, samplerate 44k1 for having a refernce situation.
Also use the reference setup descirbed here:

Solved! It was my fault. I had a feedbackloop: the sound of my synths was feeding back into midiguitar…
Now it trackes very good. Still some ghost notes, but this can be edited. But now i realy like it. Just played a solo with my roland alpha juno analog synth, so much fun to play it with a guitar.
I think this will lead to a lot of beautiful music, thank You for this incredible piece of software.

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