Suggestions on Laptop Specs for MIDI guitar

Hi Folks, some advice please? I’m looking to get a new laptop to use MIDI Guitar live and just want to hear from users on Minimum laptop specs that work well. Where there’s no crashing, latency etc… I don’t have the funds for a high spec laptop. I’m going to use Gig Performer 4 and link my VST’s in there. But i’m also open to other suggestions for live use. I have the usual packages such as Kontakt 6 and Sample Tank 4. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

I can only answer for Windows laptops.

Recent laptops are all powerful enough to handle MG properly as power is a negligible factor next to other parameters.
On the other hand, you should choose a laptop whose processor is adapted to your needs: i.e. favour the one oriented towards calculation and especially not the one dedicated to energy saving.
Read this article to better understand what is at stake:
intel processor numbers

Beware also of the problem of the bios of recent laptops: some have a bios whose power management modes can no longer be modified and performance is limited as a result.

It is the optimization of the OS that is the most important factor to avoid these problems. Without going into a complete optimization, it is important to dedicate as much as possible your machine to audio by removing all unnecessary background programs and services, i.e. games, comfort features (weather widgets, etc).

To do this, you can use this guide as much as possible to achieve the most stable and reliable machine possible.
How to optimize your PC for the Stage

Most of the advice I give you comes from the Gig Performer forum
Go to it and feel free to type keywords in the search field to get detailed information on choosing a laptop, there are several topics on this subject.
It is for my part the software I prefer to use live and that I consider to be the most successful in ensuring flawless stability (I have already done about fifty live performances without crashes or bugs).

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Thanks very much for the response Herold. Some great info there. I’ll get reading and see how i get on.

I forgot to mention that 'll be using Windows OS. Much appreciated