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Summing up the MIDI Guitar 2 Project for 2021 - Best Software, plugins, and more

Summing up the MIDI Guitar 2 Project for 2021 - Best Software, plugins, and more

wishing everyone a happy new year :partying_face: :tada: :champagne:


Great Stuff as usually! Thanks and Happy 2022! I am interesting to try Respiro, but only using MG´s aftertouch, without breath controller…do you think it´s gonna work?

Also regarding Dune3 how is the response in terms of latency?


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Thanks Johny! And a great 2022 to you as well!

About Respiro:
Of course it works! You just use the AT instead of BC here:

About Dune, It is no different from any of the other great synths (UVI Falcon, Roli Equator 2, Cypher, for instance). No real latency in and of itself, it all depends on your setup and computer.:+1:

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I have played mini guitar 2 into the newer free Vital synth if you have not grabbed that you should many call it a serum killer.
Played into Pigments also a great synth I think I will get and into Logics many synths and in the very cool Newfangled Audio Generate synch that produces some different amazing sounds.
Was playing it into many different Eventide plugins the other day testing the sounds like the H910 Harmonizer, H949 Harmonizer, 8 voice Octavox and all the H9 Plug-in Series and more. So many sounds was hard to pick what to buy.
I ended up buying the 8 voice Octavox, Their new split EQ and their Ultra Essentials Bundle that included - UltraChannel, UltraReverb, and UltraTap I have played midi guitar 2 into all it testing.
Also tested with some of V-Lab that had come with a keyboard I got.

I also on sale picked up the Abby Road One symphonic orchestra I have not tested with midi guitar yet.

So far I am loving everything I can do with midi guitar 2 I have a lot of plans for using it for a lot of things coming up I am working on.
For slower things it works great for faster playing it can be hard to keep clean but some of this seems to be what sound or effect I am using…

I am looking at a few different V guitar plug-ins to use as well so I have easy to work with midi tracks for some things and to play acoustic guitar for backing patterns as I do not have a acoustic guitar.

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You seem to have a lot of interesting stuff indeed. I have Vital, Serum, Pigments 3.5, and a lot of Eventide stuff too. But I am interested in Newfangled Audio Generate, and it would be really interesting to see it in action played with MIDI Guitar 2. :face_with_monocle:
I don’t know if you have some special virtual acoustics in mind, but the Ample Sound instruments are pretty good. And they have some free stuff as well. Some of the Ilya Efimov instruments for Kontakt are great too. But guitar is tricky. We tend to forget we are playing a virtual instrument and try to apply guitaristic playing techniques, most often with poor results. This will perhaps change when developers are starting to take guitar as MIDI controller a bit more seriously and start writing/designing instruments with that in mind. Sooner rather than later hopefully! :grinning:

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I am using MG2 with UVI WK with Melo and OBlegacy for a while…and then I jump in on SWAM Sax…what an amazing experience, this thing has a huge expressiveness even only with AT…UVI stuffs seems so flat and boring now…

So now I am chasing physical modeling stuffs due to expressiveness…with MG3 and MPE probably we will get a much better response…I hope MG3 will be released soon…

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Hi LoFi, very impressive and interesting !

Could you tell me which breath controller you use, I am interested in getting one now I saw your demos !


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Hi and thanks Manu! Sure thing! I use USB MIDI Breath and Bite Controller 2
I usually list all stuff I use in the video descriptions and/or comments depending on how much stuff I am trying to cover. In this video I think I got links to most stuff down though!

Thanks a lot LoFi, I will take time to read the video description next time :wink:

That piece of gear is quite expensive though, I will have to wait a little before buying it since I just purchased a new audio interface (focusrite scarlett 18i20 3rd gen) and I must admit I will probably get one of the sax instrument you showed us before buyng the breath controller. They are really impressive and far better than everything I own for now (NI Komplete 12, that lacks a good sax).

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For sure! Those Saxes are great (but expensive). You can play them just fine with just aftertouch from MG2 that Iäve shown in a couple of videos. It is just that last bit of control I get with the breath controller, swells, crescendo, volume vibrato, and endless sustain that makes the difference really. I often practice with “just” MIDI Guitar 2 and no additional controller. :grinning: :+1:

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