SWAM Solo Brass for iPad

Audio Modeling is looking for Beta testers

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Thanks, I already checked it - sounds amazing

What apps do you use for piano sound?

I am on Windows :grimacing:
it’s just to be helpful :grinning:

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A small sample for anyone interested: https://www.instagram.com/p/CIqLVNxg9gP/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Thank you. Very good. What settings do you use for the Pitchbend on MG2 ? and/or in SWAM if they are relevant?

In my setup I cannot make the notes truly bend, they tend to jump from the played note to the upper one and back…in other words I cannot make the vibrato with my finger ( or, in the best of cases , it’s erratic )


Hi! Sorry bout the late reply! I saw you message late last night, and I wanted to be sure before I answered. First off, Pitch bend value should always match between MG2 and instrument. And it may differ between AUv3 and Standalone. Here with the SWAM brass you have the standalone version set to 12 initially, and the plugin is set to something else. And upon further inspection I realize I can’t get the plugin version to behave properly. My guess is that it is either of the MPE mode or the Pitch Bend Curve settings that needs to be adressed. These however aren’t available in this version of the plugin. So what I do is, I just play the standalone version (12 pb value on both), MPE (MIDI Profile), and Pitch Bend Curve (on)(both under “Advanced”). Start with that, and see if you get better results!/ LoFiLeif

Thanks for the reply. I have been doing a lot of tinkering to try to understand what has an impact on the Pitchbend when using MidiGuitar to play the SWAM Trumpet. Well , so far , I cannot claim I fully undertand it but I reached a workable solution .
I am setting the MG2 parameters as follows : Polyphonic Tracking, Bend Range 6 , Legato and AT both Enabled. And in SWAM Trumpet, Auxiliary Parameters Pitch Bend up and down , both to 6, Portamento CC Max Time 1.7. Midi Profile : Legacy.
I am under the strong suspicion that of all of these parameters, the one that makes the Pitchbend go erratic and “jump” from one note to the next rather than bending up , is if I choose Monophonic Trackig on the MG2, because that is when the response changes erratically…if I leave it at Polyphonic , the Pitchbend works the way it should. There is obviously something going on there. (I am sure that if a technical guy from Jamorigin reads this he can explain why this happens) .

Hi Lofileif really great example on youtube.
In the first part of the video do you use breath control or not ?
Thx a lot

Hi Alex.In the first part I don’t use breath controller! I can use the Seaboard preset (turn pitch bend to 12 both up/down on SWAM instrument and 12 on MIDI Guitar 2 software) and most importantly After Touch for expression control. So AFTERTOUCH enabled on MG2.

Hi lofileif really great ! But, newbie question, how do you generate aftertouch with a guitar ? Bending and legato are clear to me but aftertouch no. Thx a lot !

ENABLE Aftertouch on the MIDI Guitar software, (below bend range and legato), and just play! With the Seaboard preset the SWAM instrument will do the rest for you! Just try it and play!

Thx and Marry Christmas ! Will try it :blush:

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I have my bend range set to 12 and then adjusted SWAM a little to get close to the vibrato I am liking. Also mapped Aftertouch to Expression https://youtu.be/zO214B8BFk0


Yes! I saw that on the SWAM page as well and it is a great example of alternate areas of use for the MIDI Guitar software. Perhaps unfortunate that the software has had this name for all this time, as it is obvious to those that dare experiment just little that any sound source in the right range work as a controller. Especially so with aftertouch engaged. A great video! :+1:

Don’t understand why my post was flagged. If it is advertising anything it is MG2. The key to reducing false notes when playing with others in a live settings is the PiezoBarrel pick up. You can also use a mic to mix the acoustic sound with the midi. Would like to get more control over vol of the midi and that is why I would like an in app purchase option of sending cc11 out of MG2.

I don’t get that flag either. I’ve never seen that here before actually. I know the importance of isolating the sound source to be translated. I have done my fair share of videos on the subject and I guess there could perhaps be some parts that would be relevant to your quest for better control over the volume in there?

I have a TEC controller which does send cc11 but only one mouth and the clarinet is sometimes in it when I remove my foot. I could send cc11 using the Blueboard with a connect pedal but I want to control everything using the clarinet. Exception may be mute control for wah and the pedal does a good job for that.

Just looked over the Mac version and what I need is the Midi option of sending dynamics which isn’t in the ipad version. Then you could just select the cc number you want to send the dynamic info to.

Ok, so here is where the name MIDI guitar actually play a part. The software was developed to convert the highly transient guitar notes, and hasn’t got any continuous control to feed the kind of expression demands you are looking for. You have the additional option in the MG2.2.1 software, of sending aftertouch as any CC you like, but that doesn’t really help you here.That gives you the same combination of starting velocity + plus tailored tail (depending on your gain/tone/curve settings. What you seem to be looking for is something like ‘volume to CC’? And as far as I know there are no such scripts available. I would be most happy to stand corrected on this one, since I have wanted such a script myself at times!

Isn’t that what the Dynamics Midi FX on the Mac version that is not on the ios vesion does?