Sweetspot graphic interface puzzle

I am happy that MG includes a para-q but don’t understand why I can’t get the parabolic dip out of the center. Does the plug-in affect the signal solely as shown in the knobs?

there is an 800 hz prefixed midscoop in Sweetspot, to more resemble a guitaramp.
the sweep EQ is after that. so the graphic shows the endresults of adding the curves.
the low cut, mid scoop and mid sweep are in front of comp and overdrive, the treble cut off is however after the comp/overdrive.

I much appreciate your explanation, as I missed seeing anything in the documentation about it. There appear to be many of us using midiguitar with an acoustic or classical guitar who have no need to emulate guitar amp EQ or overdrive, so it would be great to be able to defeat the mid scoop [or at least lower its frequency].

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For now the best you can do is to put the mid at about 784hz and set the amount to about 10 dB, that’ll compensate/flatten out the mid scoop. you then still have low cut and high cut. If you keep the overdrive at 0, the gain will serve as pre-gain for the brickwall limiter.
Ofcourse there are a lot of other channelstrip plugins that you can load if you want a clean one.