Synth definitions

As I am still very new to synths and have a curious mind I still am looking for for fully written out words for the abbreviations on the synths. I believe VCA is voltage controlled amplifier, but still not 100% certain. I really don’t like calling things like “that there doohickey”. I’ve got a few of them, just want to be sure, thanks…

here are all terms.

To be complete: If you are new to synths, you might expect every synth to have kind of the same capabilities, if only you’d know what the knobs do.
The builtin synths JX10 adn DX10 are just small old virtual analog synths, with a limited sound range. Doing a quick walkthrough through the synth’s presets will give you a fair impression of the possible soundrange. You wont be able to get far from those sounds, even if you know how the knobs work.

Generally, if you pitch for e.g. an acoustic string sound, using a sampler synth with string samples loaded will give you a better chance.
In the desktop version a soundfont player is present, reading .sfz files. This public domain standard uses samples, and most soundfonts are free to use.
A soundfont library to start with can be downloaded from

Thanks, just wanted to understand better, and this helps a bunch.
I’m playing through a tone wood amp and looking for clean simple strings to add to my fingerpicking. Thanks again

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