Tascam us-2x2 on windows 10 with MG stand alone loses settings after any update

I’m using a tascam us-2x2 usb audio interface on windows 10 with MG stand alone and it loses settings after any update and it’s a real time wasting pain trying to get it set up again.

Anyone have a tascam us-2x2 with update problems?
I’m not 100% sure if it’s the tascam update or windows 1`0 update etc. causing problems but iy sure seems to be the Tascam.

I assume it’s not a MG update as I assume one has to do that manually.

I would not say that it is only Win10 fault, but many users run currently with problems about Win10 last updates related to iLok, web browsers, specifics applications, and now Tascam…

Most of the time we need to wait as everyone has had to make adjustments.

I know it’s easy to ask, but are you using the latest 2x2 driver? When I was using my US-16x08, I had real trouble during the Win7 to Win10 update years ago. I stuck to the drivers on their Japanese website. There’s a 2x2 driver (v1.0?) with a 18 Nov 2020 date. Maybe that will help.

The driver version I currently have is 4.00 0099 . I downloaded the latest driver a few months ago and just noe again but I can’t see what version the new download is until I install it.
Do you know if 4.00 0099 is the latest version?
It’s always a mess getting the settings correct for the tascam and I’m sure I will have to if I reload the same driver.

That’s the latest version. Sorry for your troubles.

Thanks. Saved me some install reset time.