TEC Breath Controller

How do I set up the stand alone, desktop version of midi guitar so I can use my TEC BBC2 for expression?

The breath controller is a input midi controller
-open our apps “interface” section
-choose your breath controller in the field “Control”
-setup your breath controller to use a CC that the used synth understands.

Here are the CC remote controls for the built-in JX10 synth
CC2 is the easiest to experiment with.

CC JX10 Function
CC1 (Mod Wheel) Vibrato
Channel Pressure Filter cutoff modulation by LFO
CC2, CC74 Increase filter cutoff
CC3 Decrease filter cutoff
CC7 Volume
CC16, CC71 Increase filter resonance

Thx Paul!

Now, how do I get the BBC2/midiguitar combo, to control a vsti (Sample Modelling) from within Studio One Pro 4.x (Latest version)?

the controller data will by default not travel through our plugin. If you configure your DAW to accept your breathcontroller as input, you can route both the MG midi and the breathcontroller to your vsti instrument. You have to lookup the documentation of the VSTi which controller or channel pressure it supports, and configure your breathcontroller to match that.

scoble08 - Hi - Did you ever manage to get this to work? - I have posted identical issue - but no respons:( - Kind Regards
Kevin T.