Tenor Sax VST for MG2

Currently, I’m using the Tenor Sax from Session Horns Pro by Native Instruments and I’m pleased with the results. I like the more modern sounding Saxophone sound it creates.

What other Tenor Sax VST have a great sound for MG2?

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Hi @GuyBoden

You have both the SWAM tenor and the Vhorns Tenor, both awesome instruments:

Then you have the Silverwood Tenor which is free if you already have Native Instruments Reaktor:

And then of course the Straight Ahead Tenor Colossus and the WiVI tenor:

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Here’s a link to the Silverwood tenor sax in the Reaktor user library. It only produces sound with a breath controller on CC2 or CC11.

Silverwood Tenor Sax

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Excellent, many thanks.

I don’t have a breath controller, but in the future, if I like playing the sax type sounds using MG2, I might invest in a breath controller. Many thanks.

Some of the SWAM sounds are good, but I don’t think they are as good as other Sax sounds.

I don’t really want to sound exactly like a saxophone, that’s not really what I want to achieve, I want a guitar that has a saxophone type sound, a natural sounding instrument. Yes, difficult to express my meaning.

I have a Presonus Studio 24C interface and a laptop with MG2 Standalone.
How is your usb breath controller connected?

Would your breath controller work with my system or would I need to use a DAW with MG2 and not the stand alone? There are usb ports available on the laptop.

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It is connected via USB, so it has nothing to do with what audio interface you are using. If you use it with the standalone setup, you just pick it from the CONTROL slot list, and for DAW use it shows up as any other MIDI controller. So you don’t need a DAW, but you can certainly use it with one. :+1:

Thanks LoFiLeif:

I will purchase one.

They seem a reasonable price.

The company that makes the units have responded to me after my email inquiry that they can use Paypal for the purchasing.

I’m looking forward to chewing my lips off :)>

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I do a bit of programming and have a board, so I might give this DIY breath Controller a try some day.


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Cool! Will you make it a wireless setup as well? I’ve seen some pretty smooth BLE Arduino solutions. :grinning: :+1:

I use the SWAM collection with MG2, and think they’re superb; I have no breath controller. I found that as long as I had AFTERTOUCH enabled on MG2, everything plays just fine (the SWAM instruments have a check for this when they are first started).

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Sure! But the reason for many of us who use a controller of any kind is of course to be able to in detail control the expression curve envelope also after having picked the note. But, again, you are a hundred percent correct. AT is enough. :+1: