Terrible latency with Ableton 10

Just bought the desktop version of Midi Guitar 2. Tried the free verison first and the stand alone desktop app was great! But when I got the plug in into Ableton Live 10 the problem started. Even with only two tracks, one for the guitar and one for a MIDI instrument the latency is beyond horrible. Probably in the range of 200 ms. I literary wait for the sound of the piano!!!

Anybody else seen a similar problem? This shit is uselsess like this!

It should have the same latency when used as a VST in Ableton as MG standalone.
At what Sample-rate/Buffer-size are your is Ableton running? If you are using Windows, make sure your audio interface use the ASIO driver in Ableton.

The buffer size is at 256. Yes, I use ASIO drivers. The sound card is a brand new Focusrite Sarlet 2i2. I think the machine should be quite good to. i7 and 16 GB ram.

One odd thing is that the CPU level never goes above 30 % but the hard drive gets overloaded. Even though I don´t record or play back anything.

Is there any warning sign visible in the MG interface?
MG doesnt access hard drive, of course. It isnt particularily CPU hungry either, by modern standards.

Remember to turn off “delay compensation” as shown in the video tutorial:

Nope, no warning signs in the interface.

No delay compensation either in the DAW.

This is really weird. Really sad, I had hoped that Midi Guitar 2 would be a good way to send midi signals to Ableton but it seems that the program is not quite there yet.

This is not a common problem, and I guess its related to your system. If you just use MG like any other FX, like a compressor or reverb, it shouldnt be any different. The MIDI tracking adds around 30ms and it should be similar to the MG standalone.
Maybe check your computers DPC latency.

Yesterday I only tried the grand piano, and that still has terrible latency issues. However, when I tried a few other instruments avaliable in Ableton it seemed to work much better. Weird!

I don´t think that I have DPC latency. I don´t know much about it but I downloaded and ran LatencyMon and that program sad that I had very low DPC latency.

Could the issue be different instruments in Ableton? Could it be that the piano is a recording of a real piano which is much more complex than, for instance, a regular synth? The hard disk symbol is showing red when I plays the piano, but not with the other instruments.

Definitely an issue with your system, has nothing to do with MG2, I get the same low latency with standalone and in my DAW. Have you updated the drivers for your Scarlett?

Also, are you playing the instruments that come with MG2? Try that first. I don’t believe any of those insturments are sample-based, but I could be wrong.
Another test is to insert a VSTI in Ableton, like a simple piano or synth, and play with with a midi keyboard. Then try MG2 using NONE MG2 insturments and route that midi to the VSTi. Latency should be roughly the same.

Also try posting on an Ableton forum. It’s definitely something in your system, possibly Ableton. Was Ableton and MG2 open when you ran your LM test? It should be.
I love MG2, works well enough that I gigged with it (before COVID). It’s a little touchy and you need to refine your fingering technique but it’s awesome.