The Presonus Studio 24c works better at 3ms latency setting than 6ms for reason

The Presonus Studio 24c works better at 128/3ms latency setting than 6ms for reason.

I was getting headroom problems with levels clipping/distorting on the 256/6ms setting.

I don’t seem to understand why a lower latency would have lower clipping at higher levels.

Anyone know why?

It does not work any better, but less latency means more gain in MG2.
If you have problems with clipping it means that your input signal is too high. Unlike an analog signal, a digital signal can remain at a low gain level to work. Raising this gain later will not cause any increase in noise and hiss if the signal was clean to begin with.
So it is better to leave a lot of headroom to be safe.

You are true, and this applies to all audio interfaces in the MG2 application.
In typical audio applications, there is no difference in gain between different buffers.
Below is the same recording sent and measured in MG2: a difference of 2 dB can be noticed.

I have no idea :wink: