Third party Auv3 plugins not recognized in AUV3 Version

I’m not seeing any third-party Auv3 instrument or effectplugins in the Auv3 Version of midi2guitar. They show in the standalone IAA version but not when loading M2G as an Auv3 plugin. I hit the scan for plugin button but nothing happens. Am I missing something? I’m hoping to switch to the Auv3 Version to avoid a problem I’m having with the IAA version

why would you want to load auv3 inside an auv3? common sense is to load the auv3 in the host, AUM.

So I can use third party instruments in the Auv3 Version. The Auv3 Version limits you to only instruments provided by jam origin.
I use HHeavy Brass and Korg Module Pro frequently in the standalone version and when loaded as an IAA node in AUM. They are not available in the Auv3 Version.

This also applies to effect plugins. Only effects installed with M2G show up in the Auv3 Version. All my Auv3 effect plugins show when loaded as an IAA app or running standalone. I have multiple delay, dynamic, and modulation effects I use with patches in the standalone and IAA version.

I’d really like to use the AUV3 Version so I can have multiple instances of mg2 ruining in my host.

“why would you want to load auv3 inside an auv3? common sense is to load the auv3 in the host, AUM.”

Then how would you control that auv3 instrument with mg2?

  1. Get the latest MG version on App Store.
  2. Start AUM.
  3. Add an audio strip.
  4. In the top slot put your audio interface.
  5. In the middle slot add the MG audiounit extension
  6. You should now hear sounds from MG. Turn down the volume slider.
  7. Add a second audio strip.
  8. In the second audio strip, add a synth on the very top slot.
  9. Press the 3-line icon next to the synth and set MG as midi source.
  10. Go to AUM settings and turn off Latency Compensation!
  11. Jam :wink:

That’s a reasonable workaround but does overcomplicate things. I’ll need to load an instance with mg2 for each generator as settings in mg2 b need to be changed for each generator as each has it own unique settings. Poly or mono, velocity curve, articulation.

This is not a problem when using only one generator at a time, I can create patches within mg2 to match the unique characteristics of each one, and switch to that patch when I want to use a specific generator.

Complications arise when I want to run more than one generator at a time. To match the unique characteristics of a generator I’ll need to create a channel with mg2 for every channel with a generator.

This is still a good workaround. I was in the process of capturing midi in Streambyte and changing the message to match the characteristics of the destination. This is certainly much easier.