Thoughts on new legato midi machine

So I am back from my trip and have been putting the legato mode through its paces the last couple of days. I still can’t believe that this got added so quickly and how well it does work as is. My one observation at this point (at least for my playing style) is that the note extensions are not quite fine enough at 10ms steps. For me, at 10ms, it doesn’t seem to always catch my slides. At 20ms, it doesn’t always catch my picked notes. If there is a way to give this a 1ms increment slider or step selection, that would be great. I wouldn’t be asking but it is just so close to being exactly what I have been looking for for over 30 years. As always, thanks for listening and everything that you do.


Ok, lets try that!

There is also the legato issue when re-triggering the same note. Please check if we fixed that in the next update.