Throughputting MG2 in Cubasis 3 (& Other IOS DAWs)

To my shock and delight, I got MG2 up and running on Cubasis 3. Why shocked? Because I have a 2018 iPad Pro that I haven’t touched in years. I just bought IRig HDX and just got Cubasis 3, so I’m a total noob on using MG2 in an IOS environment.

That’s the lead up to my two questions: Is there a way to route MG2’s sonic output to Cubasis for recording, or can I only use MG2 to control Cubasis’s own midi instruments? And does that matter?

Here’s where I am so far: It’s very easy to lay down multiple MG2 tracks in Cubasis 3. In Cubasis, you just route the inputs from “all MIDI ports” (or just “MIDI Guitar 2,” I suppose) and route the outputs to “No MIDI outputs.” On each track, you choose your instrument from among Cubasis’s offerings. Back in MG2 (which I’ve got in standalone) you choose the “external MIDI output,” and in MIDI FX options, you click “MIDI output” and select Cubasis 3 as the output.

Doing this allows me to input different tracks with different instruments with MG2 and my ol’ Gibson ES-175 as the controller. Easy!

But so far, the only way I’ve been able to output MG2’s instruments as audible sounds is after-the-fact. For example, I go into a instrument lead track I’ve recorded with a Cubasis alto sax, I insert MG2 in “Insert Effects,” I click back into MG2 and change the instrument from “external MIDI output” to, say, an MG2 poly synth, and the instrument I hear changes.

But I haven’t been able to that live. I’m sure there’s something I’m messing up in the routing. But I just can’t get MG2’s instruments to play live - I can only get them to control Cubasis’s instruments. (I’ve also tried MG2 as an Insert Effect on an audio channel, and while I can get the processed MG2 signal out into my amp, I can only get the unprocessed guitar signal to record.)

Okay, here’s why I’m wondering whether that matters: Aren’t the virtual instruments I’d want to play AUV3’s anyway? Wouldn’t I want to find the moral & functional equivalents of my favorite VST3s, and get them into Cubasis?

And what would the greatest AUV3s be, anyway? Is there any IOS equivalent of NI Komplete?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I had this working somewhat some years ago.
Forgot the details but you will need a app like Audiobus 3
Or AUM checkout the guides…good luck
Oh for the rest of the questions I plead :apple::innocent:

If you insert MG2 in an audio channel you will always just record the dry guitar signal. however when you enable the monitor button (loudspeaker symbol) you should hear the processed signal live.