To start using Guitar Midi

I have an ipad 4 and an irig pro
I want to start using sample tank + Garageband
Do I only need to purchase the MIDI Guitar Rig or MIDI Outputs license?

you need both: “guitar rig” is basic functionality, “midi output” can be bought after that.

Hi! I am using the Midi Guitar for GarageBand on my MacBook Air 2015 Mojave.
When I play my acoustic guitar with a pickup into my Audio interface ( Scarlett 26) I see the keyboard hitting notes in blue but I only hear my guitar sound not the other instruments like piano that I selected. What am I doing wrong? Does midi2 not work with an acoustic guitar with a pick up?

make sure your interface is selected for in an and output.
click on left top audio device selector, which now might say “microphone”
to open the interface settings.

Thank you- the problem was that I was selecting patch 1 or patch 2 etc instead of the instruments you have available …
Thanks so much for your help.
Now I’m trying to configure Midi Guitar 2 with GarageBand on my MacOS

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