Tones missing in midi

I recently bought Midiguitar and bass and it seems to work as it should, but when I am playing pluck on my guitar it does not seem to registrer every tone I am playing to midi. I can hear all tones analogt but there are tones missing digitalt via the midi in Midiguitar. It is very irretating and I hope you can help me solve this

Our app can not be perfect. Typical for midi convertors is that they generate too little or too many notes.
First thing to check is whether you hear all notes when playing single note lines: if that is so, then your guitar input is allright, and you experience the polyphonic limitations.
Best results can be obtained when limiting the polyphony to 3-4 notes at a time. That means that letting open strings ring and plucking over 5-6 part chords will lead to lesser quality than keeping it to 3-4 notes.