Tonewood AMP and midi guitar 2

Hi, I’m not very familiar with MIDI guitar or MIDI in general. I just recently purchased the tonewood amp however and I was very interested in using this app to insert effects and various sounds through my tonewood using MIDI guitar and garage band or other third party synths. I am able to get signal through the tonewwod and hear the synth being played just not via my playing notes on my guitar. Sorry if this is confusing I’m new to this and am also very confused lol

  1. Connect the TWA via the adaptercable to your iDevice.

  2. you need to set the TWA as in and output in MIDI Guitar.
    -click on top left “audio device IOS AUDIO”
    -EDIT: you should select “headset microphone” as input channel.
    (Apple doesnt expect audio coming through that channel, hence the strange name.
    We anticipated on that though, and disabled the default iOS speechprocessing for it…)

  3. enable external midi output.
    Use our “external midi output” patch to see how midi output is engaged.

  4. Link for more help about how TWA works with the iDevice:
    NOTE: the info on the link below is a bit outdated, since we have a new interface.
    midi output is now a midi fx, stored per patch! we will notify the TWA people of the changes.

The TWA does not appear as an option when selecting “iOS audio”

ok, I didnt realise the TWA uses the headphone jack for communicating with an idevice.
I have edited my original reply.