ToneWood Amp - can not select an Audio Device in iOS 14.4

I can not select an Audio Device with Midi Guitar 2. I have an iphone 6s Plus updated to ios 14.4.
I download Midi Guitar 2 and purchased AudioUnit Hosting and MIDI Outputs. I also purchased SampleTank and downloaded GarageBand.
My wish was to run Sampletank with Midi Guitar 2 to my ToneWood Amp attached to my Acoustic/Electric Maton (EM225C).
I had watched this You Tube Tutorial before I purchased these apps. It was a simple setup and I thought I would follow his instructions.

It all happen as he said except I could not change the “Audio Device”. It would not change from the default “In/Out” setting.
When I tapped the “Audio Device” window, this screen appeared and it would not let me change anything.

Input Device

Any help would be much appreciated

But is ToneWood Amp an iOS audio interface? I dont think so.
So you plug it with the analog jack into the iPhone 6s headphone connector(?) - that would explain why you dont see any other audio interfaces in MG.

Hi JamO
The Tonewood Amp can only take an idevice (iphone or ipad). The cable I have comes from Tonewood. I am new to all this but I have watched a few You Tube videos with iphones and Tonewood amps. Those videos showed people using SampleTank App and Midi Guitar App coming through the Tonewood amp.

‘iPhone Microphone’ indicated that the input is the iPhone microphone (internal).

Try replugging in your tonewood cable into the iOS device.

Hey Vaultnaemsae,
I tried your advice but no joy. I have two ToneWood idevice cables and neither cable made any difference. I do notice when I play my guitar the “Noise Gate” meter registers, so does the “Velocity” display and the Meter you see in the picture above.

Below is a video from ToneWood entitled “Using iDevice with ToneWoodAmp”.

I think the latest ios 14.4 is the problem. I guess I will have to wait and see if Apple corrects this or Jam Origin puts out an update to Midi Guitar 2.
Thanks for the response folks.

Sorry…I’m not sure what the issue would be.

No worries Vaultnaemsae, I wish we could have solved the issue. The ToneWood Amp is my new toy and it would have been great to explore all it’s capabilities. I have never liked Apple products and to buy a iphone just for my music and have all those lousy restrictions Apple place on you is annoying.

I am not the only one having this problem. My friend has a ToneWood Amp and he has the same issue running it through his ipad (ios 14.4).
I recently had a video call with ToneWoodAmp and they could not get it to work either.

I just updated my iphone with the ios 14.5 beta 2, I was hoping this might solve the issue. No joy, just the same problem. I think Jam Origin has to look at there Midi Guitar 2 app and do an update.

Does Tonewood Amp work in other audio apps on iOS 14?

If yes, then you can always run AUM and plugin MG into AUM. In this setup its AUM that’s handling your Tonewood Amp.

Hi JamO, I don’t have any other Audio Apps. I was not planning on any other learning curve except for the simple setup I saw in the ToneWoodAmps Videos.
I have no experience with effects, midi, mixers or recording. I will have to do some homework and get back to you. Thankyou for the suggestion
(Very soon I will be away working and won’t be home for ten weeks. I won’t have time to do much research)