Tonewood amp issues

I have a tone wood amp, I downloaded midi guitar2 for iOS, then downloaded SampleTank. I like what I am getting from mg2 but just can’t figure out how to get SampleTank sounds included. I purchased all three downloads for mg2, not real sure how to use the last one, I am very new to this, so I might be missing something simple. What I’m trying to get is me picking guitar with cello or violin playing along in the background…any help is appreciated.

Hello Zeke, welcome !
I don’t use sampleTank, I load directly samplers or synth in MG2 .
Have a look here, maybe this can help:
Midi Guitar controlling Sampletank

K…not sure what version of mg2 you have, not quite sure how to do that, seems like I’m missing something obvious, or that my version doesn’t allow.

You might want to look at the vids and info at
Especially the third vid shows how to engage external midi output to e.g. Sampletank.

Hey there, thanks for the help, got it started and now it’s just a matter of tweaking the knobs to get the sound I’m looking for. Thanks again!

Hey there, thanks for the help, making progress!

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