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Tracking issues after updating to iPadOS13


I have severe tracking problems after updating both my iOS and MG2.

I‘ve been using MG2 to play iOS softsynths with my bass and I‘ve been pretty happy with it. Sure it was not tracking the lowest notes, only down to C on the A string in monophonic mode and down to E on the D string (guitar range) in polyphonic mode, but that was no problem for me. On the notes it did track the tracking was absolutely flawless.

I was still on iOS 11 and the last MG2 version that worked for that. Now I updated my iPad to iPadOS13 and also updated MG2 to the newest version and suddenly the tracking is a lot worse for me. And I mean A LOT! Almost unplayable :cry: Everything else is still the same. Same bass, same interface, same softsynth.
I was hoping that, if the tracking changed at all in the new version, it would be better and not down to almost unusable…

I did not try the older MG2 version with the new iOS version, I updated one after the other, so I can‘t really tell if it was the iOS update or the MG2 update messing it up.

Anyone experience this as well? Are there other bass users at all for the iOS version?
Can something be done about that?
Is there any way to go back to the older MG2 version?

One pretty devastated user hoping for suggestions here…

the older version is obsolete from ios12 onward, so you can’t go back.
Please check input level in the interface section, and try adjusting the noisegate: that knob has changed particularly.

Hi Paul,

thanks for your answer. Adjusting the input level and noise gate actually did help a little. What helped some more was adjusting the EQ of my bass for a very bright sound. It is a pity I have to do this because I play some synth-sounds with dry bass mixed in and with the EQ adjustment the dry signal sounds like crap. Still I have the feeling the tracking is not quite as good as it was with the older version.
Was the algorithm kind of optimized more for guitar in the new version? That could be a reason why it is worse for bass now.
So I guess a MidiBass for iOS would be really nice (hint, hint…) :wink:

there aren’t big changes in the converter: it should not be such a difference.
Have you checked the impedance setting on your interface? If you have to add highs to have good tracking, it would indicate that your interface is on low impedance, which kills the high notes in many situations.