Tracking problems with iRig pro Duo and iPad

I’ve been experiencing some problems in tracking the signal coming from my guitar: it seems to leave out some notes when I play some “fast” lines, sometimes it leaves out random notes, other times it picks up notes I’m not playing, even if I am playing “slowly”.
I’m using an iRig pro duo interface, connected to an iPad from 2017 (iOS 12.x) , the guitar I’m using is a Les Paul Classic.
Any suggestions on how to improve the tracking? Maybe I’m missing out on some settings.
Thank you.

-use a bright bridge pickup
-resonating openstrings give a higher error rate. damp open strings with a cloth or fretwrap if needed.
-reduce polyphony where needed. Low chords with 5 or 6 notes are more prone to errors as 3-4 note voicings.

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The secret is to play as cleanly as possible, no fretbuzz or “fingerbuzz”, no open strings or other sorts of rogue resonance, release the notes carefully (when lifting your finger from the string you can trigger a false positive). I find the performance quite remarkable but it needs practice to adapt your playing.