Traveler guitar Ultralight with MG2 on a daw or iPad

Hello all. Has anyone used an Ultralight Traveler Guitar with MG2 on a daw or iPad ? Does the piezo or electric pickup or nylon string version makes a difference in detection cleanliness ? I would like the portability of this setup with an iPad when I will be able to travel again.

How about their Ultralight bass with piccolo strings with MG2 (one octave higher to improve detection a bit) ? I’m a bass player so it would a more natural approach for me.

I would be interested to hear any comments on these ideas. Thanks

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Before COVID-19 I toured mostly with my ipad. I am a sax player, with a rumberger and a Neuman 184 mic. The audio interface was mainly iconnect audio4 or the focusrite scarlet. On the ipad I used mostly Aum as a stable host to route and control. I didnt find mg2 that stable so I only started the app when needed in a setup. Starting or changing apps go really fast on the ipad. Also check out the apps by yonac. Beside mg2 i also love tonestack and roxyn for their pitch detecting and manipulation.

I can’t comment specifically on the Ultralight but I use a Snapdragon travel guitar, with steel strings and a piezo pickup, which works perfectly with MG2 on my iPad Pro, so I wouldn’t think you’d have any problems. I use an iRig Pro interface and AUM and can run several MIDI synths along with the guitar audio. Just occasionally MG2 will hang if I have too many apps loaded but its easy enough to restart, just remove MG2 from its slot then reinsert.

Thanks for all the info !! Any particular app to record mainly midi from MG2 ? I use Cakewalk by BandLab on a PC as my main DAW. It would be nice to be able to transfer files between the PC and iPad.

Have both a Traveler Ultralight Acoustic and a Traveler Ultralight Electric. I use an iPhone to run everything. Have not noticed a “detection cleanliness” difference between them. Signal from either is good.


I just received my traveler Ultralight bass. Will give it a try very soon with piccolo bass strings and MG2. That thing is so small, but I like it already. Claude

I tried the bass with piccolo strings (one octave higher) and it does improve the detection. I noticed though that I got a fair bit of “ghost” notes. The polyphonic tuner in MG2 might show two or even three notes, while only one note is played. It might be because of the piezo pickup is quite sensitive or picking up resonances maybe. Don’t know for sure. So, I tried to insert a low latency EQ set as a low pass and high pass filter to cut highs and lows before going to MG2 and it does improve the tracking. Almost eliminate the problem. All in all, I’m happy with the result. I hope to improve the setup. Anything else to check ? Thanks.