Trial / Demo not working

Have the trial version installed on MacBook - piano samples are playing with mouse hitting keys
but no input signal on audio interface box on left. Plugins loaded fine but no audio signal to track
Checked Audio MIDI setup , interface appears

13" 2020 MacBook OS 11.5.2
Focusrite Scarlett 2i4

Assuming you use version 2.2.1 from Download – Jam Origin, please go to the “Interface” section in MG and see if there are any yellow warning signs.

No Yellow warnings- Signal is appearing in my audio system settings on the MacBook - tried both the Scarlet interface and the built in mic and speaker, still no signal appearing in MG audio interface window.
MG Interface

However the INTERFACE title above this box does blink in Grey

Also - I tried it on another MacBook with the same interface and it worked
only difference was the operating system was OS 12 not 11
And it works on an older Mac Pro running OS 10 with a UAD Apollo interface
Just not on the MacBook running OS 11
Tried re installing MG 2 still nothing

you most likely havent given microphone permission at first run. you can do that in macos settings securtiy/privacy

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Thanks that worked!
did not realize you still had to do this when using an interface