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Trouble recognizing a VST/AU on an external HDD

Just curious on how I can get MG 2/ MG4GB to recognize my “Waves bass slapper” plugin that’s licensed to my external hard drive. Has anyone had this similar issue and knows a fix?

Thanks so much!


Hello, welcome here :slight_smile:

Most of my plugins used in MG are located in an external disk and are well recognized.
Open the plugin folders window, add your plugins directory, save and scan (safe).

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Thanks for the response! I’m specifically using MG4GB. Under my plugins, the “Waves Bass Slapper” is recognized as a virtual instrument (which is good). However, everytime I select it, I get a Waves plugin license error. I re-scan and the same error occurs. The plugin is paid for but is stored on that HDD. Maybe this is only a problem for the MG4GB version? If you have any other suggestions let me know!



Sorry, I am on Windows so I can not help.
Did you try this operation ? FIX Waves License Error: No valid Waves licenses found
Found a lot of topics about this issue, maybe you will find a solution with a well targeted research.

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Herold thank you so much, that video lead me down the right path to fix my issue. Turns out, the plugins saved to an external HDD have trouble being recognized in Midi Guitar. This might be a Waves issue.