Troubleshooting Midi Guitar 3 Beta with Logic Pro 10.8.1

Greetings everyone, I’m trying out MG3 beta and it will not load onto Logic Pro at the moment. First of all it asks for a 256 size buffer and when it is set correctly it says that it is an unsupported buffer size (0) and is just frozen on that. I tried saving the file and rebooting the system and I get the same results. I’m on Mac M1 Max with OS 14.3 and Logic Pro Version 10.8.1 (the latest version)… Maybe I am missing something? Will persist trying to get this working, any suggestions?

There is a run on all system here, and I dont have time today :slight_smile:
But it’s happening because MG doesn’t get audio from Logic.
Make sure your guitar audio track is set to get live input.

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Thank you very much, Solved! Audio must be present to open…

The only message I got when trying to use in Logic was, Logic is 48. and MG3 was asking for for 44.1.

I had this……
Change logic sample rate to 44.1 in
File / project settings / audio