Trying to find qulaity muted trumpet VST

Im considering purchasing this:
Muted Trumpet | Trumpet with Harmon mute library for Kontakt | Wavesfactory

but sales documentation says, Full version of Kontakt required.
Does this rule out the possibility of this working as a plugin for MG2?
If so, any suggestions. Looking for a Miles muted trumpet sound. Thanks!

Hi Dan!

You can absolutely use Kontakt in MG2 as a plugin. You can also use Kontakt as a standalone side-by-side with MIDI Guitar, and of course as a plugin in any of your favorite DAWs. M, II love the Samplemodeling Muted Trumpet for my Miles stuff, but I have some Waves factory plugins as well that work fine so perhaps this is a solid library play-wise. But here’s how the Sample Modeling one sounds:

First, Thanks so much for your reply…
Second, this is what Kontakt just sent me when I asked the same question:
"The library requires the full version of the Kontakt sampler.
If you don’t have it then don’t buy any of our libraries. "

what do you think?

Yes, that is correct! Kontakt is a sample player, and work as a container for their own and third party library instruments. Both Wavefactory and Samplemodeling are such third party developers. Sometimes a developer make their instrument as a bundle with a playerversion of Kontakt, and in those cases you would get that player included. But for those cases where “full version is required” you will need to have the Kontakt software too.

Darn, Now Im confused, (newbee that I am…) I thought you were suggesting that I can simply use the plugin with MG2 (in addition to other applications, like standalone, DAW, etc)
In my case Im trying to end up with access to an awesome muted trumpet in my list of available instruments within the MG2 menu. Sorry to need so much handholding!

Ok, so I am about to confuse you even some more (Sorry).

First, Kontakt is a sample player that loads a lot of different instruments inside of it for you to play

The left side are available instruments here, and on the right I have the Flugelhorn loaded to play. Kontakt is the container, and it comes a VST, AU or whatever type of plugin format you use. As such it is Kontakt you open inside MIDI Guitar 2 as a plugin. The Waves factory trumped would be one of those boxes on the left. An instrument you purchased to open in Kontakt )within MIDI Guitar 2).

The part where I am going to confuse you more, is that it seems I was wrong about Sample Modeling. It is not only for the “full version”, but does indeed come with a player.

So that instrument would be self-contained and not in need of a separate Kontakt purchase. Sorry!

That was really clear and helpful!!!
So bottom line is, if I splurge on the $129, I can use Trumpet 3 and get what I need without anything else! (?)

You will probably need to clarify that. I mean, you will need the MG2 software (if you don’t have it already), an audio interface, and in this particular case you also need to consider some sort of external expression controller, such as a expression pedal or breath controller.

My apologies, of course…
So I have MG2, I have a Focusrite interface, Ive been using MG2 with the built in sounds plus added VSC02 plug ins as well as a couple others.
Im hoping to add the Trumpet 3 product similarly…

I am using the Trumpet 3 (thank you LoFiLeif for making me aware of this plugin) along with Kontakt 7. I am running on a Mac with Monterey. The included container in Trumpet 3 which is an earlier version of Kontakt would not work/load for me - I think they stated it was no longer supported. Maybe I did something wrong perhaps. BUT - I was able to download Kontakt 7 and there was no charge - try downloading it to see if that works for you??? Anyway, I love Trumpet 3 and use Kontakt 7 and for some reason it did not cost me extra…. Hope this helps

Glad to hear you like it, Mark.
I was actually wondering about the Player version. Do you have the “Full version” of Kontakt, or do you use the Player?
The player is free: Samplers : Kontakt 7 Player : Free Download | Komplete

And furthermore, what do you use for expression control?

Ok, so seeing what @Warrguitars wrote, so may need to download the new Kontakt 7 PLAYER (it should be free) at Samplers : Kontakt 7 Player : Free Download | Komplete

And you may consider something for expression control: a pedal or breath controller or something. You can start out with having MIDI Guitar send CC11 as a MIDI FX (Aftertouch to CC), but you should probably consider investing in a expression controller somewhere down the line.

It’s just the player that came with the free Kontakt sounds. As far as expression control, I just got my breath controller (was using the keyboard expression wheel) in the mail today and will play around with it this morning. I hope this is not the “wrinkle in the space continuum”…. I just assumed the breath controller will work in 7 - we shall see and I will report back.

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Of course it will work! I was just curious! :face_with_monocle:

OK… I really have no idea what I am doing MIDI wise (Thanks again to LoFi for walking through some settings) but I just hooked up the Breath Controller, set the TEC app to channel 11 expression, using Logic Pro, Kontakt 7 and Trumpet 3 works beautifully! Very excited! So all is good on my front…

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Quick question: is Trumpet 3 supposed to be able to “bend”? Or just move to incrementally higher notes when bending? I will need to go back through some of your videos again to revisit detailed settings…

It sure bends! Just set your MIDI Guitar 2 software to Bendrange 2. The Trumpet 3 is locked, so you can’t go in and change in Kontakt.