Trying to get Midid Guitar to work as a trigger in Notion 6

A disccussion I had with another help line…
You had mentioned earlier that the guitar was plugged into the Scarlette. With your new information, it appears that is for an audio signal and not MIDI. You need to send MIDI data into Notion to record notation in real time. If your MIDI Jam Origin is not sending MIDI via the Roland UM-One, you will need to contact the manufacturer of the MIDI Jam Origin. This would not be an issue with Notion, but rather your hardware setup.
Anyone have this same problem setting midi guitar up to trigger Notion 6?

First has to be said: sending midi straight to a score app is not recommended. MIDI Guitar is made to be fast and reasonably accurate, whereas transcription should be slow to have greater accuracy. Also our app does not know which string is played, so you wont have automatic tabs either.
We recommend recording midi in a DAW, and cleaning it up and quantise it there, then export the midi, and read the midi in your scoring app.

What the people of Notion don’t know is, that MIDI Guitar is software and not hardware. They are used to customers using keyboardcontrollers or guitarsynthesizers that can be connected via a physical cable.

If you want to connect our app to another app on the same compter, you use “virtual midi”. that means that there is a midi connection between apps on your computer.
On Macos:

  • open our standalone app, open interface section, choose “virtual midi” for midi output.
  • enable the “midi guitar” midi port for input in the receiving app.

On Windows:
-you need a virtual midi driver installed.
Install and run the loopMIDI software:

  • open our standalone app, open interface section, choose the new midiport for output
  • enable the same midi port for input in the receiving app.

Thank you ever so much for that Paul. Really works well for me. As before such a great program. Opens a whole new world . :slight_smile:

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FWIW, I experienced slight, but noticeable latency with loopMIDI, but not with LoopBe1 (free)/LoopBe30 (paid; what I use).

Do you think that I could have both LoopBe1 and Loopmidi installed to check the difference. Im a little scared to mess it up with Notion 6 as I took so long to find an answer :slight_smile: Thanks

Why fix something that’s not broken? I understand!

I honestly don’t remember if I had both installed at the same time, or not.

If the timing of everything is working for you, might as well stick with it. Tobias’ loopMIDI is a fine bit of code, so that’s not a worry. I just couldn’t play live keys through it.

I went by ear. I don’t have any ability to test specific latency differences between the two. There are definite architectural differences between them.

Thanks for the input. Much appreciated. I will always hanker after what I dont know but… maybe as you say. let sleeping dogs lie :slight_smile: Take care - Lindsay ( Cape Town )

You’re welcome.

How’s the water situation now in Cape Town? I know that Zero Day has been pushed back/cancelled. Just wondering.

Also, super happy for the Springboks winning the Rugby World Cup! I hope the win is helpful for pushing progress forward in S.A.