Trying to make a game that controll by guitar

Hello, I’m doing a project about using the guitar as a controller to my own games, and there is some technical problem with how to analyze the sound from the guitar and detect which note or chord being played. After I research online and I found this software can do real-time guitar to MIDI.

So, my problem is I need to ensure this software can output MIDI signal as my game input, but I kind of newbie or this kind of musical software, please help me about this or I couldn’t make my decision about purchase this product or not.

Hello Marcus, welcome here.

If I understand it well, your game may respond to midi notes send by Midi Guitar.
Download and install MG2 trial version, click on interface then click on “out” in midi interface and select the midi device associated with your game.

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Thanks for the help, but there is no option to select on the “MIDI interface output”.
My development environment is on unity, I think I need to use MD2 to output a virtual MIDI signal and simulate like I connect a MIDI controller on my laptop.

And I found a software called “LoopBE1” that seems can transferring MIDI data between computer programs. Here is the software info:

Am I doing this right? I feel so confused.

If your are on windows, there are standard no virtual midi ports. Our app also does not create virtual midi ports on windows.
If you want to open MG for midi input on winodws, you need loopMIDI.
You create a port in loopMIDI, this is then used for midi output in MG, and for input in your game environment.