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Two instances of mg2

Sorry still havent used forum enough to know how it works…however:
Bought MG2 a year and half ago. Played guitar for 67 years now and right serious songs daily. Its like a smoking habit, or better yet like needing to eat or breathe.
Been here twice but never could for the life of me figure how to use it in Ableton, until I saw a guys post here about using MidiLoop soft as ports and I was in.
Well only in from that perspective. Then a while back, I noticed something that said, the trial is ok, but you need to download the ap or something.
So, I’m thinking ah ha, maybe that’s the problem along. I was told to just apply my license to the trial, but now I have to wonder.
As a standalone, I love this software because of the rich dynamics applied to the guitar.

Besides needing to know where to get this actual download as opposed to just operating the standalone by itself….
I also, want very much to use 2 instances of it inside the daw. One for a pickup on the 3 bass strings and another 2nd pickup just for the G, B, E.
I am very much needing the higher register to be distinct from the lower one. That is how I play.
Meanwhile I intend to have the Taylor onboard operate as pure dry signal.

  1. Is there a download other than the trial?
    a. If not, then how is it installed as a vst into Ableton lite 10?
  2. Can I execute more than one instance of MG2 ?
    Hoping to finally use this, record my songs before I fade away. Thanks guys. 

There is no other download, if you want to buy a license here it is:


Hello Paul,

First of all, to better answer your future questions, please give us some information about your equipment:

  • Mac, iOS, Windows?
  • Which OS version?
  • Which audio interface?
  • What type of guitar and pickups do you use?

As you have already purchased the licence,you can find here the installation and license validation method as well as the program to install both the standalone application and the plugins and some technical advice for a good use:

Midi Guitar installation

If your guitar has “classic” pickups (single coil or humbucker) this will not be possible, even with two instances, to separate strings because your pickup will send a single audio signal in which each detected pitch will be converted into a midi note, whatever the number of instances.

However, in a single instance, you will be able, thanks to a script available in the Midi Machine window, to define, as on a keyboard, a low part on one midi channel and a high part on a different midi channel.

But it is not the strings that are separated, it is the pitches: i.e., all notes from the sixth fret of the D string onwards will be sent to the high part.
In this case, you will have to move the notes concerned afterwards in the midi editor of your daw.

Only by using a hexaphonic or stereo microphone can you separate the “physical” signals in two audio inputs and convert strings notes on different midi channels by using two instances.

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Thank you for the awesome response. The gear I have is a 2010 Taylor Grand Auditorium with onboard electronics.

It is one of the large models with a 4 inch hole. I managed to stick a hexaphonic humbucker style pickup in the hole. The onboard comes out the bottom per usual.

I got the hex from a guy named Paul Rubenstein who makes them and sells.

It has a breakout box whereby any combination of strings can be funneled or not.

Because of the difficulty installing with such limited sources of pickup adapters, it is perhaps not quite centered, so the other strings sort of bleed through but not much.

I am experimenting with it because of my more complex playing style, I dearly need to apply deeper bass tones at the bottom register and hopefully a decent bass note application on the 3 bassier strings E,A,D.

The pitch separation sounds very interesting. I sincerely hope it works.

On the higher register, I want a contrast and I think leaving out a lot of midrange works well depending on which frequencies.

The interface is a Focusrite 4i4. Really I need at least 3 more pre-amped inputs. Thinking about simply adding a second Focusrite or whatever used interface will work.

With all that, I’m looking to experiment with both methods…split pitches and a second instance of GM2 if its not going to cost. Whatever works is what I will do anything for. Can’t stop now.

So, I still never hear the real skinny on running 2 instances of MG2. I am basically going all in with MG2.

Havent even yet scratched the surface with Ableton ( it was free with perks when buying the Focusrite.

However I really want to install a different daw. Sounds like the Gig Performer is what I want. On a fixed income the $150 might take a while being as I am trying to stock up essentials before the big economic crash coming, if you know what I mean.

Yeah so, now I need to:

  • Hear the down load on 2 instances of MG2. ( like pulling teeth seems.) I think people already know all the basics and my lost in space needs way more basics. Like can it be done and at what cost?
  • Will try to download the real download of MG2 for once and all.
  • Excited about trying the split pitch thing. Hopefully that is all I need.

Otherwise even though its an acoustic, both pickups ( hex and onboard) work just fine in both Ableton and MG2.

I have only used MG2 as a standalone and got it into the Daw after a hundred hours of pulling my hair out,…and then finally via the Midiloop soft thanks to a dude here on the forum {Paul, I think it was } …which works quite well by the way. I am extremely thankful to him for posting that jewel. Still would like to compar both methods plus 2 or 3 MG2.

Reason is that it seems it would be more direct and simplified to mess with one thing. Besides for me so far MG2 is the best dedicated no bloat tool.

I have to try every possibility, because I am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to tone value.

I totally skip all MASS learning curves and stick to LIVE, endeavors with presets as much as possible.

Of course I have so far found I need to learn some tweaking, because I just don’t know where a good clean fat pure sound in vst can be found, without spending hundreds and a few years…haha Oh Lord.

My playing style however is easily accomplished enough that I can probably adapt to anything.

It’s that perfectionist part where I cannot be creative without delicious tones. I moved away from the hard rock many years ago and have settled in for more of a virtuoso type thing…this is why MG2 is so appealing to me. Piano is very rich and dynamic.

I have found that with 65% dry and 35-45% wet MG2 the piano doesn’t overwhelm the dry signal. I’ve been setting the dial at around 11 o clock.

The goal is: standard playing technique which moves both bass notes and rhythm and lead bits simultaneously. So, if I can get some bass notes and a bass drum note on the lower register……along with….standard play and hi hat or something off of the higher register….and last but not least, a droning cello or such to make it all more cohesive…then finally I can record the songs I write .

I’m planning on triggering bass drum beat and some hiat stuff on top of my beatbuddy if I can figure programing my rhythms by a utilizing thumping in a notation soft.

At my age, I have no idea where it goes from there, except that I think it will parlay both genres of Worship & secular love songs, for whatever comes my way.

I am thinking more supernatural than most.

Hope that wasn’t too long of an explanation.

Sincerely Paul in Alaska.

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Forgot to say: using Windows 7. I have tried that suggested download multiple times and I get no options in a downloader. It simply asks to run and then the standalone pops up. I must be missing something.

Perhaps I need to uninstall it and re-install to see the options?

P.S. it is a high performance desktop I built out of newegg. Built it for high speed and high graphics like a gaming pc. :slight_smile:

Even when MG2 is already installed, reinstalliing with the link I gave you should bring you to this window:


Then you will be able to use as many instances of the plugin as you want

Excellent! That means sending E A D strings on box’s left out going to input 1, G B E on right to input 2 (or the other way round). Then each input going to a separate instance of MG2.

2 for the guitar + 3 others = 5 pre-amp inputs.
2 focusrite 4i4 will not be enough.

Gig Performer is a fantastic piece of software that I use in concert without anything else. MG2 is my go-to source for effects and instrument chains in Gig Performer.

But it is not a daw, it is a dedicated software for live performance.
To compose or mix my music I use a daw which is made for that. I use Reaper which I like because it’s customizable and not expensive at all.

I use of course the same plugins in Gig Performer, MG2 or Reaper, which allows me to reproduce on stage what I recorded, dressed and mixed in Reaper.

I use a lot of free plugins which are often of a decent quality, be it amps, effects, synths, etc.
However I bought 2 amps that allow me to get the sound I want with the best quality: S-Gear by Scuffham and Archetype Cory Wong by Neural DSP. They are not too expensive and are what I am looking for.

But everyone will have a different feeling depending on the plugin they use, it is like for real amps and guitars. The best is to try them to find what suits you and fortunately they all have a trial version.

Thanks Herold, sounds like we both have similar interests in application.
I will be able to switch hard drives tomorrow and check out installing from a different view point. My installation just slams right into operation, however I’m going to try and uninstall then reinstall. I’m now thinking it has something to do with windows 7 settings.
Meanwhile the MIDI MACHINE thing really has me excited. However, I could not find any real basic instructions on how to implement it.
The words I saw were a foreign language to me.
I found where the sentences naming what I think are the aps ok, but don’t have a clue what to do with them.
I like the idea of assigning specific pitches and am anxious to see how well that works.
Basically when I play, I am hitting all the bass, rhythm and lead along with percussion all at the same time.
67 years with a guitar in your hand and all kinds of things develop. I feel like I’ve waited decades for MG2. Literally.
Would certainly appreciate a description for dummy’s as concerns installing and utilizing what you guys call midi machines. I’m quite computer savoy, but anything outside my known areas, and you know how it is…software.
Do I cut and past the sentence and just drop it into some area? I totally don’t get it. I stared at it a while and came out with zip. Dang, I’ve been chomping at the bit for pitch discernment, years now. I mean I have scoured the internet for peddles and everything else. Then gave up a year or two ago.
Now I hear my favorite software has it on board.
Please advise and thank you again.
Paul in Alaska….I say that because it will be easily remembered. Seems to work all these years….:slight_smile:

Hello PiA (Paul in Alaska) :wink:, here is a quick tutorial for splitting MG2

This is the way I split a guitar:

  • I click in one of the Midi Machines slots


  • I select channel split in the pop-up window
  • I select the split note to be set with the split pitch button, I eventually change the MIDI channels which are assigned by default to channel 1 and channel 2


  • If you use an external polytimbral synth, select a bass sound on channel 1 and another sound on channel 2.

  • If you use plugins, you will have to work in a daw following the procedure described for this one and adding a second midi track for your second channel: MIDI Guitar & MIDI Bass Support – Jam Origin

  • I use Gig Performer by sending the split MIDI output of MG2 to 2 different instruments through 2 midi channel selectors (blue wires are audio connections and orange are MIDI).


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Thanks Herold, that is really awesome. I always look at that section and wonder what it is. Meanwhile, my mind just totally blanks it out.
With your awesome description, I should be able to jump in.
Funny, I never even so much as clicked on that section to see the pop up.

I forget that with software it really pays to just click on everything right and left clicks. Life these days is so complex, as each thing has its own deal.

So, I guess a second or even third instance of MG2 will sit side by side in the same OS, on same machine. Cant wait to try it.

I have my entire Guitar thing on a separate drive which requires me to completely shut down this drive and open up the other. I was trying to keep it offline away from Mikrosopht. A.I. doesnt get humor or code. Just a privacy thing, but now I’m just going to migrate everything over to that drive.

Any day now, will completely switch to Linux. Lynux people dont even really worry about viruses, because their is no corporate ownership to send out viruses. Open source means that it lives in a glass house and any criminality trying to hack inside is found out very quickly. Love open source for that reason.

So anyway, I’ve got to knuckle down and find out all I can about this midi machine aspect. I see a couple other titles there that look delicious.
Hopefully there is a location source of more fine explanations as to each machine.

Thanks again

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just a short trick here: you can run 2 or more standalones of MG, on macos at least, just make a copy of the application: you then can run the copy along with the original. you e.g. can run a double neck guitar, each neck into its own MG.


Oh? I never thought of that! Brilliant! I guess I need to name them differently? Will they automatically point to the same system folders (presets, etc)?


when you duplicate an app, it will get a diferent name ( “copy of”), you’re free to give it another name ofcourse.
The copied app will see the same settings and patches. So I you start the second instance, you have to change the selected audio input and stuff like that.
This works with both MG and MG for Garageband.


Hello Herold. How you doing? I must say your explanations are quite well done. I am very much impressed with how bright you guys are. Not that I’m so bright, I just don’t see it a lot, Although I have only been to 2 different forums and in both cases, I see brightness. Ah, like the sun rising over the hills.
That said, I’m here going to try and ask a question, hopefully.
I seriously need MG2 piano wet/dry mix, lowered gain, because it gives me the simple straight forward delicious and dynamic guitar sound I can be happy with. I have been accused of being a perfectionist, and in a way I suppose I am.
On top of or along side of that MG2 guitar mix___I desperately need:
The splitter you have spoke of…( I’m very excited since I finally found time to review it.), that splitter….?

Can I use 2 splitters and still ? ( I am planning on just learning Cantabilly, because of the cash and because I am not trying to do a lot of fancy rig a ma roll with sounds, I am simply looking for a rig whereby I get fancy on the guitar itself. The same everything every time forever. ( basically anyway)
So, now I’m thinking well, if Cantabilly ( $69 for solo which records) might work fine.
I did manage to run MG2 through it, both as a standalone and as a plugin. Only took me a year and half, but I finally getting some place now that I asking you guys… Yay you guys. Seriously I have to pick up the guitar 10 times a day for at least 50 years now. Gotta do something right now, like at least record it for prosperity’s sake. Or for my kids so they can know I’m not just a guitar junky. You know, something substantial, like producing an album before the world ends etc.
However seeing as you and I are apparently on the same path, and I can just ask you…well, now the $200 for Gig Performer sounds much better.
I know it all can be done on Cantabilly with a lot less bloat, but how is the problem. I go to Cantabilly forum and they don’t know MG2. They have heard of it, but its still gaining momentum.
So….my goal here:
Guitar > interface > MG2+ splitter >
Bass & strings

2nd splitter >
Bass drum & Hi hat

All the while retaining MG2 / piano as my mainstay. I suppose I could try to find a vst piano off a third splitter, but I now finally figured how to make MG2 sound wonderfully glorious.
With only around 40% being piano, I get almost know peripheral triggers …so far…so good.
Thanks for being there Herold. I only waited 50 years. Time to publish.

I dont know if I thanked you Herold. Days are running into other days and I think my mind is still tight.
Anyway, Sorry guys, was making a stab and mapping out a goal, to see if that would make more sense. I realize its probably a bit much, being as its vague. Although its supposed to just be a snapshot of the goal, it probably just opens up too many questions.
Meanwhile, it finally did manage to install some instances of MG2, but Cantabile doesn’t recognize that.
MG2 would not give me copy instances of the standalone even with the prior names changed.
I think I just need to accept the Steinberg folder as the go to.
Trying to avoid springing $169 for GP. Besides I use windows7.
 Did I hear right? Midi machines only work in the Standalone?

Hello Paul, your configuration projects are way beyond my reasoning ability and I do not think I have the level to answer your questions anymore!
But I am delighted for you and I am glad to see that you are passionate and struggling to understand and succeed in doing what you want.

If you use a plugin host, I am surprised you can not load multiple instances of the MG2 plugin.
I do this in daws and in all the hosts I have used, even in freeware like Hermann Seib’s VstHost.

The Midi Machines scripts work very well in the MG2 plugin and this helps me because it is the only and easiest solution I have found to use a footswitch that holds a MIDI chord while playing a guitar solo over it :smiley: