Unable to activate MidiGuitar 2 in the audio FX slot for Logic Pro 10.8.1 on Mac OSX 14.3.1

Hi, I am failing at setting up MidiGuitar 2 in Logic Pro. I’ve downloaded and installed MidiGuitar and placed both plugins in the correct directory and also loaded the license.

The problem occurs after I create the audio input track and try to activate the MidiGuitar in the audio FX slot.

In the instructional video, the user clicks on “Input 1” and gets a dropdown menu with a bunch of items including “Audio Units”, which he uses to select Midi Guitar as in this screenshot:

However when I click the corresponding “Input 2” I don’t see many options and the “Audio Units” directory doesn’t appear, as in this screenshot:

So I’m unable to set up Midi Guitar in Logic. Please help!

Check under “Jam Origin”:

Thank you for the response. Please see the second screenshot in my OP. That option doesn’t appear in the dropdown menu, which is almost empty.

You’ve selected the audio device input (you want to select your guitar signal here) on the channel strip according to your screenshot, not a plugin slot, which is where to select MG2 as an audio effect. Please, try again and report back if you have further problems.

Thank you so much! That fixed the problem and I am able to correctly load MG2 in Logic. Much appreciated!

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