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Unable to get MG 2 to work with Cubase 10

I purchased the product 26 July 2015, and have a licence file. I had it working for a while on an earlier version of Cubase (I think)

I have re watched a couple of the set up videos. I think I understand the process OK. The initial problems seem to be after I set up an audio track, and then try to insert MG2 as a plug in. MG2 appears in the initial plug in list, but when I try to select it, nothing happens, and no change is made to the plug in rack list.

Running on 2011 IMac - OS Sierra 10.12.6.

Hoping someone can assist me,

Kind Regards,

Warren this isn’t much help I know but I have it running in Cubase 7 on a PC. Nothing special needed in the install process it just did what it is supposed to do. I had a couple of initial issues sorting out direct monitoring but that was down to the way my audio interface was configured. Once I understood that everything was fine. Hope you get it sorted soon.