Uninstall/Remove MIDI Guitar 2 from Mac [Protools]

Hi devs,

Can you let me know the process to remove all traces of MIDI Guitar 2 from my Mac please.
I am using Protools.

Thank you,

Hello @Gee welcome here.
Asking this question in the search field of this forum would have immediately given you the answer I found, even though I don’t use MAC computer. :wink:

thank you @Herold ; I did a search for ‘delete’ / ‘uninstall’ / ‘remove’ with MAC and ioS but didn’t get a hit, perhaps a user error. cheers for the info.

This instruction explains how to remove the plugin references generated by the MG2 plugin scanner, not how to remove the MG2 standalone app/plugins from a Mac.

I imagine it should be as simple as finding that same folder though (as it won’t be necessary if you’re removing MG2) and deleting it. Also you’ll want to manually delete the MG2 app (from the Applications folder) and AU/VST2 plugins from the Library/Application Support/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components and /VST folders.

There may be other “Jam Origin” folders created (I’m not sure) but you’d need to poke around to determine if they even exist.

thank you @Vaultnaemsae

Ok, Mac seems to be very different from Windows (and English is not my language, I think I made a mistake in translating the answer as I believed it was about MG plugins in Protools).
I hope that some user will be more helpfull than me.

On my iMac the component and VST folders Midi Guitar 2 was installed to is in the User/Home directory.

Open Finder (1) Press Shift+Command+G
(2) Type in or paste


Delete → MIDI Guitar 2.component

Repeat (1) & Type in or paste


Delete → MIDI Guitar 2.vst

Finally go to Applications and drag Midi Guitar 2 to the Bin