Unwanted Notes

Hello, I am just trying out MIDI Guitar, and damn it is good.

I’m getting some very short notes after the intended notes that I play. Very short and very low velocity are there any tips to stop those from being captured?


Hi @Chevron
Welcome here, to begin with! :handshake:

Yes, there are many of us in here who would agree with you thinking MG2 is pretty darn great. But if I were to guess, most of us have struggled a little at one time or another with spurious notes of different kinds. Putting it harshly, it is very much a question of you “getting out what you put in”. The software is very good at picking up material to be converted into MIDI. Too good for most circumstances. Even small noises and string scratches will of course be translated if they contain some sort of pitch. And there is indeed a noise gate, you can use to filter out the tiniest noises turned MIDI notes, but I often advise against overusing that, and instead take the more rewarding route of slowly learning how your guitar TOGETHER with the software triggers whatever instrument you are trying to play. Threat the combination like a new instrument, and perhaps just listen to the output (synth/virtual instrument) while relearning. I have a video touching on this subject if you are interested:

If nothing else, you’ll get acquainted with a few of the settings you might need to know about, when dialing in what works best for you! :grinning: :+1:


Hi Cheveron. I am new to the MG2 wonderland too. My learning has been that you keep putting the time in, it starts becoming yours. The settings reveal themselves. Its a new world. The muscle memory needs the hours. May the divine give you the patience to journey thru this.

LofileiF is ofcourse the Moses who guides many of us relentlessly. More power to him


Thank you LoFiLeiF! That is one of the most helpful posts that I have received as a reply - and I completely get it.

It is really good to know that my instincts are in line with someone as experienced as you with MIDI Guitar. Namely this is not a system without challenges, and we have to work with it to achieve the best results.

Your video is superb, and has given me both confirmation of my own thoughts and many more that are new to me.

Treating it as a new instrument as you mentioned, and adapting my technique as mentioned in the video have already given me a much better understanding.

Many thanks!