Update: 3.0.38 is out!

The link is the same as the previous (link in the BETA invitation email).


  • Address an issue where the plugin would re-load the introduction patch after reopening the plugin window in DAWs.
  • Removed audio device settings when running in a plugin
  • Various minor UI changes

One small note. The AUv2/VST3 plugins scan for third-party plugins each time they are instantiated. It only takes 10 seconds or so but it’s yet another step to get the plugin going.

Is it supposed to auto load the MIDI GUITAR MINI preset?

FWIW, I haven’t been using the plugin version because of the sample rate limitation – my primary interfaces are effectively locked at 48kHz. So I’ve had to use a tricky split routing of my guitar signal into a separate interface driving the standalone and then run it into a DAW session with virtual audio cabling. Looking forward to a 48kHz-capable version!


So when you look at File/Project Settings/Audio (in Logic) you only have 48kHz? Interesting!

No, it’s loading the patch that is saved with the Logic project. You need to remember to save a patch MG though, for Logic to load it.

This problem vanish if you make a patch, as in my post above, I believe.

Leif, You’re 100% right, I don’t really use Logic Pro all that much so forgot that you can set the project/session sample rate at whatever even when you have a sample rate-locked aggregate…unlike in Live 11/12 where I’ve been doing most of my audio work lately. I do test stuff with Logic sometimes though. Now that I recall the project level sample rate fact I’ll stick to Logic for plugin testing.

My main audio interface aggregate consists of an iConnectAUDIO4+ interface and an Axe-Fx II which are both locked at 48kHz. You can reset the iCA4+ to 44.1kHz but it breaks all my interface settings every time I do that so I leave it at 48kHz.

Still, I’m interested in being able to use the MG3 plugin in Live, Bitwig, and eventually Gig Performer etc. none of which handle real-time sample rate conversion like Logic does, AFAIK.

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OK. Will check it out.

MIDI Monitor in Ableton Live shows no MPE messages (Pressure + Slide) is that ok?
I am using MG3 in Live 11 via MIDIOUT midi machine into another track. In this case modulators should not be used because Strike, Pressure, Wobble, Brightness should be detected behind the lines right?