Update: MIDI GUITAR 3.0.40 has landed!

Hi… Yeah … that’s all clear from the vid … i’ve followed everything that you demonstrated … i set up a folder named ‘Arturia’ within the instruments folder … quit MG3 (Standalone)… reopened it, gone back into instrument selection, but the folder named ‘Arturia’ still isn’t available on the lists.

Just added " put something in the folder". Is it empty?

Aha… Yes it suddenly became visible, once i added ‘Augmented Brass’ …
Many Thanks for the quick response and support … P.S Is it essential that you use capitol letters when naming a new folder … or is that irrelevant?

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Judging from my folder I say it is not relevant! :grinning:

OK… Its a shame that you have to restart MG3 every time you add a new instrument within a new folder though …but i guess were in the early stages of Beta development testing … so hopefully these tendencies will be ironed out and fixed in the near future!