Update: MIDI GUITAR 3.0.40 has landed!

This update is bigger than the previous:

  • MIDI OUTPUT module reimplemented and can now modulate the 4 MPE dimensions. It’s also possible to add CCs to the midi output.
  • PATCH SELECTOR will pop up when you hold down a MIDI pedal to change patches. You can browse through patches with your foot.
  • PLUGINS and PATCHES can be organized in subfolders (video with instructions
  • Fixed issue loading patches after changing the patch file name.
  • Fixed issue that could give black screens or black modules.
  • Fixed issue with selecting input channel for a audio devices with many input channels.
  • Optimization of GPU memory usage.
  • Optimisation of the plugin scanning process, to run faster.
  • MPE keyboard visualisation adjusted: STRIKE (color), PRESSURE (size), BRIGHTNESS (vertical position), PITCH (horizontal position)

Download form the same location as in the BETA invitation email.


@JamO Watching this updates is just a tease :rofl:. I never got an invitation and I’ve been with you guys since the first beta and use 2.2.1 regularly. Can I join in? Will log everything in minute detail!

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Hey all, I’m seeing 0.39 at the GUI header after installing. Judging by the features it seems to be updated but just wanted to confirm this is the correct version number. Thanks

Then its not installed… maybe you forgot to run the installer or the browser has cached the old download?

Hmmm, I don’t think so. I ran the installer three times and each time was the same. Also, I didn’t have that issue with previous new versions. I tried downloading with a different browser and I’m still seeing 3.0.39. after the fourth install so I’m guessing it’s not user error…my first thought was as you suggested that it had been cached. Anyway, just letting you know since the folder feature and the multiple MIDI out ports are visibly updated so I think it’s actually 40 but labeled as 39.

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Just tried again and now I’ve got .40. Sorry for the bother. Back to testing.

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Wow… That plugin scan has to be the quickest one ever …well done indeed … MG3 is really shaping up real good … Many thanks your work is truly exceptional!

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Thank you for now having the ability to organize our plugin lists, it’s really a feature that will save us a lot of time. :+1:
However, it would have been nice to have an option to “scan” plugins by MG3 with the automatic creation of directories based on the “manufacturer” field. Is this an option for the future?

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Yes, good idea! Will add that.

I have the .40 version in Standalone, but version .37 is the only version showing up in Logic

I appreciate the ability to choose the input channel but I don’t see how it’s done in the UI. (3.0.40). Thanks in advance.

MIDI Monitor in Live 11 & 12 does not pick any MPE even if it’s enabled in MG3.
Everything else works fine. No crash so far in Live 12, except once, scrolling MG3 patches too fast.

It does here.

Sure you got everything checked?

Skärmavbild 2024-03-07 kl. 22.12.00


I’ve just tried it for one hour or so and it is so good! Thanks Jam Origin for such powerful tool. I had no trouble using it on Luna and Shape…it worked nicely, playing with my I35 Collings. Cheers!!!

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Gotta say I’m loving the updates - I’ve gone from not working at all to 39 working with Logic but giving me the beachball after a few minutes, to 40 looking like it’s working well in Logic (fingers crossed).Also loving the introduction videos - thanks, LofiLeif - they simplify a complicated subject in a way that informs me about the rest of the features

Thank you! The Enable MPE Mode in the Menu was unchecked…
New Technology… New Rules… :heart_eyes:

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I know. Been there. Didn’t do it either…at first! :smile:

Hi LoFiLeiF! I’ve tried to create some ‘Plugin’ folders within MG3 (3.0.40) after watching your vid… but for some reason they are not showing when i go to look for them in the instrument listings … i know that you went through it very briefly in the video and it all seemed quite straight forward … but is there something that i missed in the vid?
P.S I would like to know if the plugin scanner within MG3 will eventually at some point scan the Vst3 and Vet folders as well as the AU/Component folder as MG2 does… as there are some other formats that seem to work more reliably than just the AU format … and at least with the former MG2 we were able to use/choose the more stable version that wouldn’t crash MG2 … i do hope this makes logical sense.
Thank you!

Ok, so you clicked:

  1. Settings (cogwheel)
  2. Data folder
  3. Ended up in X6D2Q4W5A8.midiguitargroup
  4. Clicked on “Plugins”

Here you should see a lot of .txt files.

If you have created a lot of folders, you may need to quit and restart the MG3 app? Did you do that?

Late edit: I just remembered: if you don’t have anything in the folders, they don’t show up. So put something in there and restart!

I’ll let @JamO answer any questions on scanning other formats. I don’t know at this point.