Update: MIDI GUITAR 3.0.41 released

This update lets you move around modules for improved ergonomics.


  • Re-order and drag around modules from and among CHAIN’s.
  • Audio devices (more options) dialog will select mono inputs, rather than stereo input pairs. This should address many-channel-interfaces issues (MOTU, RME).
  • MIDI Aftertouch can be selected instead of MIDI Channel Pressure in INSTRUMENTS and external MIDI OUTPUT.
  • MIXER has pan controls which can be wired up and modulated.
  • Plugins will be sorted by name of manufacturer by default.
  • Knobs have more inertia.
  • Preliminary support for 48Khz sample rate. Don’t use this for now - it cause tracking issues.

Download from the same location as in the BETA invitation email.


If the green cpu indicator is reliable, this update is more cpu friendly.
Monteray 12.6.3
MacBook Pro Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015

I have an issue with the plug in version (3.0.41) in Studio One.

The Midi Output Module (which shows up on Midi CH2), when set to MPE mode, is not behaving as a polyphonic trigger. It seems to be behaving like a Midi 1 Multi CH device.

The standalone version (sending on CH4), is working correctly in MPE mode.

The tracking in this update seems to be much better than 3.0.40 which seemed to be prone to glitching far more than earlier versions. Is that possible? If I were imagining it, it was a very convincing hallucination.

I really appreciate the ability now, to re order modules, and also the other improvements you have made in this release.

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I am impressed by the speed of development of this software! It’s really great.
For my part, the 48Khz mode works perfectly with the QuadCortex and I’m like “DarkDropChris”, I have the impression that the tracking is better, at least in this mode. No audio artifacts/dropouts or tracking issues in the 1 hour I’ve been testing.
Many thanks for these improvements!


it has been reliable for me , I even used it at a high level live gig on the weekend , high level for our hack cover band that is , does not disappoint !! It’s a great new version !


Great update! One comment to the drag & drop function inside a module. Moving an inserted VST or FX too far down (or outside the slot area) makes it being removed. I would prefer a “jump back to origin” behaviour in that case. Unloading via the menu is the better and safer way.

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I actually think it is a great feature and i was hoping for it. It makes it faster to delete a plugin or clean up/alter a patch.
Perhaps an option to bypass a plugin could be useful. And a preference setting to toggle on/off “jump back to origin”?

No argue, it is a great feature to drag and drop components. Just deleting should not happen by a “mis-drag”. I have often a lot of parameters changed in a VST and just loading it again doesn’t bring all that changes back. Maybe a designated trash can would be worth a thought?

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The sensations of playing/tracking with MG3 now seem close to those with a GM-800 which sends midi into a Gig performer, for example.
I made latency measurements, overall, with 48Khz/256samples buffer with the following cases:

-1- Guitar In GM-800->USB->FirefaceUCX(Macbook pro M1-Pro)->GigPerformer->Equator2(Piano Patch)->USB->QuadCortexOut: 40ms

-2- Guitar In QuadCortex->USB->MG3 on the MacBook->Equator2 (same patch)->USB->QuadCortexOut: 45ms

We must also take into consideration that the QuadCortex is quite bad in terms of latency via USB compared to a Fireface UCX type sound card or an EVO4.
For playing sensations, the MPE of the MG3 provides a great improvement compared to the GM-800.
On the other hand, much better latency for the GM-800+Internal Patch, a chain like this:

-3- Guitar In GM-800->Piano Patch on the GM-800->GM-800Out: 15ms

In summary, if you have to use VSTi plugins on Macbook, the MG3 is almost equivalent to a hardware solution, the GM-800, with the advantage of having MPE mode management only on MG3.


On the other hand, much better latency for the GM-800+Internal Patch

how are the sounds on gm-800? i found the presets on the sy-1000 to be very limited/vanilla.

please post a sample of the piano (gm-800 only). or even better, a quick run through of your 3 favorite patches on the gm-800.

Tested. So far I like the possibility to rearrange the modules in a chain. Tracking seems improved. I am experiencing some strange behavior between MG3 MPE and Zebra 2 but only with a specific Zebra Patch:
When using with no bends it works fine. When using with bend range matching Zebra 2 (+12 -12) it’s becoming weird like a very unstable pitch (just like some detune is happening, within the note but not in tune). No Modulators used and Glide at 0. When using with Bend 48 (MIDIOUT) all works fine again. So why only this Zebra 2 patch exhibits this behavior? I suspect Glide at 0 might not be really 0 but why when putting 48 in Bend for MIDIOUT Module it works? Let me know if you need more info


Care to post a picture of the Zebra 2 UI with that patch loaded, and your MG3 settings also visible?

The sounds of the GM800 are correct and do the job most of the time for live use. These sounds are nevertheless a bit “old fashion” compared to what we can do with current plugins like, for example Equator2, Icarus3, Kontakt7, Arturia VSTi etc…
To get an idea of the GM800 sounds, here is a video from Boss’ demonstrator, Alex, who gives a good idea of the sounds that can be obtained with this synth: [YouTube y14ocNi600o](YouTube y14ocNi600o)

i was looking more for a ‘real world’ user example rather than the alex thing.

do you have any favorite patches?

Here’s a little extract from our last rehearsal where I play the synth part of this song “Livin on a prayer” (Bon Jovi).
I use the four channels of the GM-800 with separate sounds for the E/A Vs D/G/B/E strings

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Another example I just did on the intro of “Zombie” to get an idea of the piano sound, mixed with a clean guitar sound:


I tested in Live 12 and Standalone. Same results. Attached the settings in Live.
However I have discovered during the further testing and screenshots required that it all depends on the attenuation of my Audio Card. When Pad button is not pressed the INPUT GAIN goes end scale, while with Pad Button pressed goes about half. When Pad Button is not pressed (no attenuation), strike and pressure go end scale at every pick and I can reproduce the strange results I have reported. When Pad Button is pressed no matter what BEND Range I choose in MG3 all is ok. Audio Card : UMC404HD by Behringer.
Possibly it’s only a setup thing but why it happens only with this patch?
Thanks for your work and time!


I have found this to be the case with pitch bend generally with some plugins , for me with the OP-X II , I generally just omit the pitch bend on some patches , “NO BENDS” as when forensically examining the midi stream you can visually see midi pitch bend data coming in quite frequently with midi monitor for example . Then the issue seems to be how to or does this ever zero out or is there always some level of pitch bend data generating and affecting the perceived pitch , and this sounds like the instrument is going out of tune , perhaps if I’m not playing a MPE generating instrument I shouldn’t have pitch bends on , either way its a concern for sure , how would one zero out the PB data when you don’t have a PB wheel per se like on a midi guitar , really just a plain old guitar through MG3 ?

Is this an MPE patch, or is Zebra 2 fully MPE compatible. (I am thinking of your pitch bend problems here.) There are probably two Pitch Bend concepts at play that needs to be explained. Per-note, that is (should be) 48. And a Master pitch bend that can be anything really, but usually 2 or 12.

The easiest way to handle this to begin with is to use PB 48 in MG3 for all MPE synth patches, and the PB value you see beside the pitch wheel on any UI for any legacy synth. So, the question is, if you go into settings, can you see if there is any MPE enable button somewhere?

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Glide = 0 is not right! Glide should be on 50. It is the initial value, and you should not change this unless you want to change the tuning of whatever you are sending your MIDI to. I thought you were talking about the Zebra Glide, which is not an MPE concept. Sorry!

Set glide to 50 and try PB=12.
Let me know what you get.

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