Update: MIDI GUITAR 3.0.42 released

This is a minor update.


  • UI: Hold mouse pressed for one second to disconnect cable
  • UI: Hold mouse pressed for one second to remove knob from external plugin modules.
  • UI keyboard control:
    – Return key to open patch selector
    – Arrow keys to navigate patches/plugins, return to select
    – Letter keys to search for patches
    – Escape key to close plugin/patch selection screens
  • UI: In external plugin modules “learn parameter from plugin editor” is explicit
  • REVERB can load external impulse responses (in .wav file format)
  • CHROMATIC module (experimental) for re-triggering notes instead of bending them and for removing bends.
  • Various minor fixes

Download from the same location as in the BETA invitation email.


perhaps a minor update , however MAJORLY appreciated , these little things add functionality , and I’m not alone here in saying ANY update , MAKES MY DAY , WHOOOT !
Happy Camper over here !!
Great work !!!


Thank you for this new version which, indeed, adds some features which can save us a lot of time.
Bug reporting:
Inserting the latest free plugin from “Softube”: VCA-Compressor, crashes MG3.0.42. This same plugin works correctly with other software, such as Gig Performer or StudioOne.

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Thank you. I will fix this. For now, SoftTube VCA-Compressor added to the incompatibility list.

Is there a way to go from “One Chain” to “Three Chain” mode, without having to rebuild chain 1?
It would be interesting to be able to manage patches (save/recall) by “chain”, including the Master chain.

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One more thing…When we select an IR file for the Master REVERB, it would be fine if MG3 remembered the path for the next selection.
A drag&Drop of .wav impulse file would also be a good solution.

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Are there any estimations for the Windows VST version MG3 availability?

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is Midi Guitar 3 going to be available as AUv3 for use in Logic Pro for iPad?

Any idea when the looper will be available?

Everything is working perfectly on my M1 so far. :wink:

Just curious, I’m not seeing anyone reporting any crashes. Is MG3 that stable or is everyone having too much fun with MG3? Or are bugs and crashes being reported elsewhere?

Tested it live (cause I am irresponsible :smile: an earlier version though, not this latest update.
set up within Main Stage ( v 3.6.1) with a 2014 Mac pro running Big Sur 11.7.10. Great tracking, no crashes during the almost 3 hours of on/off use but it’s stuck to 1 row no matter if i press the 2 or 3 rows. No big deal for me as I use 3 simple patches but problematic for more complex setups. I hope this helps…I’ll report more once I test it more intensively

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Thank you for the update. I guess I was expecting more questions and activity on the forum for MG3.

Forgot to mention (but i think this has been mentioned before by someone else), Mac does not validate the AU version although I am still using it both in logic and main stage via a work around. No problems in Reaper

Bugs and crashes are being reported on other threads. The main one thus far for me and at least a couple of other ppl is Plugin Alliance bx_Oberhausen crashes the MG3 app and plugins when attempting to load it. There is a temporary workaround however and that is lo load it in a host plugin such as Kontact player or Nektar Nektarine.

So far no crashes except a problem with BYOD plugin (caused by some special BYOD feature)
other than that I am having fun and starting replacing MG2 is some Ableton Projects.