Update: MIDI Guitar 3.0.43 is out!


  • New LOOPER module
  • Global play/stop (spacebar) to play/stop all loopers and sequencers
  • Tempo/BPM change dynamically
  • Set folders for external resources in preferences
  • Browse for Reverb and Cabinet impulse responses
  • Browse for Sample Banks
  • Browse for Backing Tracks
  • SEQUENCER added drum map and chromatic scale
  • FIX: SEQUENCER wrong scales
  • FIX: FL Studio variable buffersize crash
  • FIX: for plugins by Brainworx
  • FIX: for plugins by Madrona Labs
  • FIX: for BOYD plugin save/load
  • Minor fixes and UI updates
  • Activation/spam emails should finally be fully resolved

Download from the same location as in the BETA invitation email.


Hi, Many thanks for the continual great work on your updates … however i’m still getting a couple of crashes with some of the Korg synths … specifically the ‘M1’ and the ‘Wavestation’, all the Plugin Alliance and ‘Madrona’ Labs synths are good now thanks … i did have a couple of crash issues with ‘Kontakt’ with the last update ‘MG 3.0.42’ so i’ll do a little testing sometime today and report back to you eventually … currently using ‘Komplete Kontrol’ to open VST3 versions @ the moment … would there be an update within the near future to scan all plugin folders … or are you currently only ensuring stability with the ‘AU/Component’ plugin compatibility before looking at the other plugin formats? …which would be understandable … Otherwise still a fantastic update with the highly noticeable tracking improvement … which is even making some instruments that were barely playable before … or had serious tracking and glitching issues are now much more pleasing and satisfying to the ear! Bless

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Thanks a lot for a new set of features and bug fixes!
MG3 is growing and growing. Great Job!

Thank you very much!

Crashes Logic Pro X if I try to change patches.

Is the beta intentionally limited to AU and not seeing VST & VST3s?

MG3 Unfiltered Audion Effects list:

All my Unfiltered Audio Plugins including LION synth:

The LION synth obviously doesn’t show up in the Instruments section of MG3 & MC because like the other missing plugins… I didn’t install the AU plugin.

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