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I bought a license way back in 2020, but didn’t use it very much. Just reinstalled on a new computer. Looking for the the most current version, I found that beta’s are being released, and version 3 is on the horizon. The apps are not notifying me about new releases though. I’ve got Guitar 2.2.1 and Bass 1.2.1. Is there some other way to get the latest and greatest?

We will always send notifications on new releases to the mailing list. So the best way to stay updated is to sign up to the mailing list at jamorigin.com.

There is also a built in notification system in MG2, so if you run that in the future and v3 is available, it should get your attention.

Hi, I haven’t received any notice either and I confirmed that I’m on the mailing list. I opened 2.2.1 and did not receive a notification.

Hello @Bluesmantim, welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:
As you are using the latest version of MG (2.2.1) it is normal that you do not receive any notification.
You will receive one as soon as a new version is available.

Herold, I was looking for the MIDI Guitar 2, BETA16 that was released.


This is an old version (2.0.16) that I remember using before.

Taken from the Jam Origin website:
" A note on version numbers:
We decided to jump from 2.0.x to 2.2.x to avoid a confusion with the iOS version 2.1.x which could give the impression that the iOS version is newer than the desktop releases."

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