Use expression pedal on GT-1000 for VSTI's

Hi everyone,
I’ve been using MG2 to play VSTI’s both standalone and in my DAW and now have a boss gt-1000 for my guitar tone. I use the usb interface. So, I’m trying to see if it’s possible to map the expression pedal on the gt-1000 to the expression parameter in the SWAM and other VSTI’s to avoid having to switch from the gt-1000 when tracking. I assume I’d have to create a patch specifically for this mapping but not sure how to do it.

My midi chops are not quite there yet so any help on this would be much appreciated. I absolutely love MG2 and being able to keep my ax connected to the gt-1000 would be a huge productivity boost for me.
Thanks again,

as long as the pedal is one of the options for the ‘SOURCE’ you should be fine. using a higher (70 or above) CC number will help avoid conflicts.

which daw? os?

Sending MIDI commands using Assigns

Sometimes, you might want to send some MIDI commands from within your patch, rather than only when you change patches.

To use Assigns to send out MIDI commands, press MENU → CONTROL ASSIGN → ASSIGN SETTING.

Set the TARGET parameter to MIDI PC# or MIDI CC#, then set SOURCE to whichever footswitch you want to use to trigger the MIDI command.

Navigate using PAGE [:arrow_forward:] all the way to the last two pages of options where you will find the MIDI channel and PC/CC settings (which will become available depending on which one you chose earlier).

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