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Use Jam Origin Midiguitar to replace bass player?

No offense to bassists but I’m short staffed and need some tech solution. I bought the updated Boss OC-5 octave pedal (2020) which almost worked but not quite. Its polyphonic mode can analyze your chord and will output only the lowest note of the chord an octave down, then you can route one output to a bass amp and the unaffected bypass output to your guitar amp. All you need then is a drummer and you have a 3 piece band with only 2 guys. All would end happily there except the bass tone is very poor,as in not what i consider usable. Can jam origin make my dreams come true by outputting only the lowest note of my guitar chord like this, except with a credible vst bass tone down an octave? I don’t want it to output 6 detuned bass notes when I play an E chord, just the root to add realistic bass under my guitar chord for live performance. I know that back in the old days I heard keyboardists talk about something called”low note priority” as a setting that dictated which notes would actually come out of their ancient synths that could only do 4 note polyphony when they hit too many notes at once, so I’m guessing if there was a way to force output of only the low notes of synths in the 1980s, there must be a way to do it now. If anybody can suggest what I would need to do to make this work I will be a happy camper playing iron man with my plodding AI bassist behind me!

Hello @Lazer123 , welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you looked at the Midi Machines section?
There is a script called “lowest note in bass range” which works exactly like the range button on the Boss OC.
You can even add a “transposer” script if your bass plugin is not… low enough. :wink: