Using a slide with GM2?

I would love to control synths with a slide like in this video:

Can I achieve this with GM2? When I try to use a slide, it registers the first note I play, but then doesn’t slide.


To my guess you need to enable bends on MG2.
And also make sure that synth you are using - understands and processes that bends (even if synth is capable, particular preset might not have it enabled)

Thanks for responding! Bends are enabled. When I play normally and bend the string, the synth does bend (although I have the maximum range selected on MG2, I can only bend one full tone. Maybe this is the synth settings?). However, with slide, it plays only the first note it registers.

You must have matching pitch bend settings on MG2 and the synth you are playing. Both should be on 12! And you need an MPE ready controller to bend more than the first note (or rather, more than one note at a time). MG3 will be able to do this, of course and the Jamstik can do this since it is sending bends on a per-string level.

Thanks! Should it be it possible (when both MG2 and synth have pitch bend set to 12) to use a slide for a single string, without MPE controller? For some reason, the synth doesn’t respond at all when using a slide. It just registers the first note.

Yes, I used MG2 with a fretless guitar for these clips. It is the 2.2.1 version, so it is not MPE. Slide and fretless is pretty much the same thing here.

Every synth doesn’t bend, and if you are working in Abelton there can be all kinds of places where thing can go wrong. What synth are you using?

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Thanks so much! I was using the midi instruments that come with MG2 (they respond to bending, but not to slide) and some Native Instrument Kontakt synths. When using the slide, both were unresponsive to pitch changes. Maybe I’m doing something dumb, but I’m on holiday at the moment and can’t test it now.