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Using Fluid Pitch plugin with MG2

I have just bought a new plugin from “Pitch innovations”, which I find innovative because there is no equivalent, which makes it much easier to play a guitar + MG2 software.
Indeed the plugin filters the pitch bend type information and it allows to have much more precise bends, not to mention the MPE mode which works wonderfully.
If you are lucky enough to have a Macbook with the M1-Pro chip, a Gig performer (native mode), Midi guitar 2 (Audio Unit), the Fluid Pitch plugin and plugins like Equator 2 (native mode ), it’s downright awesome!


I’d be interested to hear your take on Fluid PItch. It was unclear to me after watching the marketing material exactly how it could help for MIDI generated from a guitar.

Ok, I will post audio examples with MG2+FluidPitch. In the meantime, a French site, audiofanzine, has published an interesting test of this plugin for keyboards: “Tests Pitch Innovation Fluid Pitch - Audiofanzine -pitch-innovations-fluid-pitch.html” They demonstrate the possibilities of the tool.