Using GarageBand (iOS) instruments with a guitar through MG2

What do I need to do to be able to use my guitar as a midi and play the instruments in Garage band? Did see someone do it with an earlier version of MG. I have an iPad, a demo version o Midi guitar 2 and an iRig. MG2 currently does not seem to send the guitar as midi to garage band although I can hear the piano and synth tones off MG2. I basically am looking to use the saxophone tone.

First thing to do is to select the “External MIDI Output” patch in MG and play, while GB is also open. GB will automatically detect and use MGs virtual midi output. Also, see “Help” in the app for more guides.

Thank you very much. Got it working. Guess I’ll now have to purchase both MG2 and MIDI output :wink:

I am using the standalone version of MG2 so just wanted to make sure it’s only the MIDI output I need to purchase. Also, is there a saxophone tone I can get.