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Using JAM Origin with ROlan XV-2020

How would I go about using MIdi GuItar standalone with an external midi synth (Roland XV-20) please.

I guess I could use a plugin in a DAQ and route to a hard midi output like that but the plan is to use an old laptop so I’d prefer to keep the load down.

If it is possible I’d likd to select sounds by name in MIdi Guitar also.


If your Roland is connected via a midi interface to your computer, MG standalone can send MIDI to it: simply choose the proper midi output in the interface section.
The XV-20 sounds are not known to MG, and MG can not send Program Changes.
Therefore you might better choose the programs/presets on your XV-20, and also connect the midi out to the computer midi in, and choose it for midi control in MG.
That way the MG presets sync with your synthesizer presets.
important: Don’t forget to switch to “local off” on the XV-20, otherwise you create a midi loop.