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Using jamorgin midi 2 with linux

hello everyone has anyone tried winehq software “capable of running Windows applications on several POSIX-compliant operating systems, such as Linux” with midiguitar 2 and what is the best way to install midi guitar standalone and vst on linux thanks in advance

I use AVL-MXE Linux and all the wine stuff is there and you set up wine (just run it once and it will set up) then just double click the install file and it installs. You will need jack for this to connect into the system (also installed out of the box)
I can use the stand alone or vst. The only issue is that somewhere in the beta of version 2 it lost its ability to pick which input 1 or 2 . If you are using a sound card that uses 2 you will have to connect it in jack.
There is a manual that will walk you though it and a helpful forum at MX LINUX.
Get this at

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thank you so much for the info