Using just the amps cabinets and effects stand alone

Trying to figure out how just the amps cabinets and effects stand alone, but unless I choose an instrument I cant get any sound.

Is this possible? I just want the amps and effects.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, that’s definitely possible. Maybe you have the Mix know turned all red for only playing the synth channel?
Try to start with the “Direct” patch. Its just plain guitar. Then add amps and cabs.

Thank you, I’ll give that a try!

Still cant figure it out…

If starting from scratch as with this picture, you should get dry guitar sound.

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Thank you Herold, I’ll give that a try, in the meantime I am using a KUSSA Vermillion amp and it has all of the sounds I need!

Excellent, I was missing the “direct” setting in the Amp/FX!