Using MG2 with Sibelius 7

Using Windows i5 platform. I want to capture notation into Sibelius 7. Does anyone have advice for how to achieve this?

Currently I input from guitar via MG2 into Ableton, then save a .mid file; then import to Sibelius. all a bit messy, but it works.

Anyone ever got MG2 to talk directly to Sibelius 7?


reatlime recording directly to Silbelius is not possible in a practical sense: the extra infos (pitchbends are allways send in MG) from the midi stream are all placed in to the score, and there is no filter to prevent this from happening. It becomes a terrible mess, and the timing isnt great either. Preparing the midi in a DAW and importing it into a scoring app is general the best solution.
Or just write the notes by hand, transcribing yourself is way more easy than transcribing others.

Thanks Paul! So I have been building Sibelius scores using laptop keyboard / mouse input and that is fine as far as it goes. However I tend to create pieces directly on the guitar - its just the most natural way for me to make some musical expression so to have a direct capture from the “working surface” into the Sibelius would be good. Maybe one day, Sibelius / Avid?
I agree with you that the MG2->DAW → Sibelius does lead to a lot of spurions which need clean up, but I think so far for me on balance this method is useable.
I input into MG2 using a slower BPM(so that latency / timing errors are less significant), coarse quantization and simplify the input of midi into Sibelius to reduce black dot hell. Also I am using an adapted solid body nylon string piezo based guitar which helps to reduce spurious notes in MG2.
This latter point is something I am curious about; if I could get more info about the MG2 implementation (i.e. its signal path handling - levelling, filtering, thresholding, time constants etc) then I think the input transducer - the guitar could be optimised. If anyone out there (Jam people??) can provide more info this would be good.
Thanks for the reply anyway, Ken